Reiko Sugahara (菅原麗子 Sugahara Reiko, born March 21, 1983) is a Japanese intellectual celebrity. She is active in a variety of roles, including radio personality, Senior Advisor to cosmetics company Bijou Factory, President of jewelry and design company Bijou de Mojo, Chairperson of the NGOs Japan Smile Makeup Association and Smile Project (Action for Fukushima), as well as wire art VJ.


A native of Tokyo, Japan, Sugahara is a graduate of Hiroo Gakuen Senior High School and Tamagawa University, where she was a student in the Department of International Management.

She is now a special lecturer in both the College of Business Administration at her alma mater, and the International Design Academy (I.D.A.), a technical college for designers in Okinawa Prefecture. I.D.A. is also the biggest technical education institution in Japan.

Sugahara is also an intellectual celebrity with talent agency Asaikikaku Co., Ltd.[1](Japanese), and a lecturer with[2](Japanese). The latter is Japan's biggest promotion agency for securing the services of scholars, sportspeople and other famous figures at speaking engagements and other events, and is operated by Personne Inc. Sugahara’s lectures focus predominantly on personal development through neuroscience and psychology, surface coating, web direction, and marketing theory.

She has two elder brothers, Gongon, a vocalist and guitarist from the band B-Dash, and Sota, a manga comic book artist.

Her father, Yasunori Sugahara, is a singer, while her mother, Dr. Akiko Sugahara, Ph.D is a noted scientist known for research into negative ions. Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS) newscaster Yuki Nagamine is her father's younger female cousin.

While studying as an exchange student in the United States during April 2006, Sugahara conducted cosmetics marketing research in New York and California in preparation for starting up her own firm. She subsequently founded Bijou Factory, her own original cosmetics manufacturing company at the same time as she graduated from university. Sugahara writes a number of regular columns as a beauty creator, and produces a number of cosmetics brands.

She is 157cm tall.



  • Assumes the voice acting role of Tonio-chan, the main B-Dash icon character of the CG manga Minna no Tonio-chan, which was published as a serial in weekly magazine Spa! (Fusosha Publishing Inc.) for two years.


  • Stars as heroine of the music video for Yasunori Sugahara’s Kataomoi ~One-way Love~ (Teichiku Entertainment).


  • Plays the main host personality twice as the voice actor of Tonio-chan, during a B-Dash special feature on the Nihon
  • Broadcasting System Inc. late night program All Night Nippon, broadcast early on Friday mornings between 1:00 and 3:00.


  • Conducts cosmetics marketing research in New York and California while studying in the United States as an exchange student.


  • Graduates from the Department of International Management, Tamagawa University, concurrently starting up original cosmetics manufacturing company Bijou Factory Co., Ltd.


  • Assumes main voice acting role in the Nintendo DS Kurupoto: Cool Cool Stars advertising commercial.


  • Becomes main model and senior advisor for the ladies fashion magazine Domino (Sound Designer Publications), while also working on its model judging panel.
  • Publishes a regular beauty column and illustrations in the magazine SPK (Nihon Journal Publishing Inc.).
  • Publishes a regular beauty column as a beauty researcher for online shopping website Rakuten Sommelier, operated by Japanese
  • Internet services company Rakuten, Inc.
  • Works as assistant at A-Zero (Futabasha Publishers Ltd.) on the serial manga comic Michi Jigen Dimension X, by Sota Sugahara.
  • Stars as heroine in the music video for Honoka Terasu, by Masayoshi Ōishi (Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.).


  • Completes Beauty Makeup course at Last Looks Makeup Academy in Hollywood, USA with Ashlee Petersen, a makeup artist for many celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson.
  • Publishes serial column on beauty for Cyzo Woman.
  • Assumes the role of chairperson with NGO Japan Smile Makeup Association, becoming a leading provider of hair, nail and makeup services for welfare institutions.
  • Successfully applies to the Japan Anniversary Association to have May 9 officially designated as Makeup Day - a commemorative day for makeup in Japan - and assumes ownership of the day.
  • Conducts charity makeup activities intermittently at retirement homes and other welfare facilities.
  • Holds the inaugural annual smile makeup event on Makeup Day.


  • Founds the Japan Smile Makeup Association's Smile Makeup School.
  • Serves as the regular main personality on her own Bay FM radio program Happy! Denpa Girl!!, broadcast late Tuesday nights between 12:30 and 1:00. A second season of the program is scheduled for either during the year, or the following year.
  • Becomes an official DJ for the public relations department of Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd in the final first season episode of Sukiya Suki!, her own action-packed radio talk show passionately dedicated to the company's Sukiya restaurant chain. Zensho Holdings had been expanding Sukiya, and this show also saw Sugahara become the company's first officially recognized DJ, to talk on air about their leading fair trade initiatives and new dishes on the menu at the restaurant.
  • Releases her first book, Girls! Train Your Brain to Attract Love and Happiness in Five Minutes a Day. The book is published in Japanese by Banraisha, and gained third place on Amazon rankings following its initial release. A talk show to commemorate the publication of the book is held at Maruzen flagship store in Marunouchi, Tokyo.
  • Joins Japanese talent agency Asaikikaku Co., Ltd. as an intellectual celebrity.
  • Appears twice as a guest intellectual celebrity on Edge Talk, a Nihon Radio program in which she discusses brain mechanisms.
  • Starts Bijou de Mojo, her own jewelry brand under the jewelry designer name of Reichel, also serving as the top director of Gros Bijou, the sister brand of Bijou de Mojo, at Virgin Diamond Co., Ltd.
  • Completes Advanced Jewelry Designer course at Roma Italia, a jewelry art school in Florence, Italy, receiving instruction on silver jewelry design from a professional maestro.
  • Holds performances of live wire jewelry making synchronized with sound and images of lyrics as a special guest at nightclub events in Tokyo, Florence and Rome. The performances are Sugahara's own original creation, incorporating her DJ and VJ talents. She is one of the few artists working in this medium today.


  • Holds wire jewelry performances at nightclubs in Hong Kong, Macao and The Venetian.
  • Founds the NGO Smile Project ~Action for Fukushima~, a volunteer organization for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • Interviewed for a June special feature in Nikkei Woman magazine, focusing on her disaster relief efforts to assist victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • Visits evacuation center in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture to conduct a charity makeup event as part of her support activities on May 9, Makeup Day.
  • Assumes a lecturing position in the College of Business Administration at her alma mater.
  • Recognized for her distinguished contribution to disaster support activities with a letter of special gratitude from Katsunobu Sakurai, Mayor of Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture.
  • Recognized with a letter of special gratitude for her distinguished contribution to support and aid relief activities in the village of Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture, from Mayor Norio Sugano.
  • Receives a letter of special gratitude from Yoshio Kusama, Mayor of Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, for her aid relief activities in the city.
  • Appears as a guest via telephone during a program on prefectural radio station Radio Fukushima, to give an interview about her Smile Makeup activities within Fukushima Prefecture.
  • Appears as a guest via telephone to give an interview during a program on Nihon Radio's Edge Talk, focusing on her Smile Makeup activities.
  • Assumes a special lecturing position with International Design Academy (I.D.A.), a technical college for designers in Okinawa Prefecture. I.D.A. is the biggest technical education institution in Japan. (Sugahara serves as a special lecturer in several different departments, not just the Department of Fashion Business. I.D.A belongs to Okinawa Prefecture's largest incorporated technical college, the KBC Gakuen Group.)
  • Conducts One example is better than a hundred lectures, a lecture at Tamagawa University on the practicalities of Facebook business management. The lecture focused on the use of virtual credits and other techniques developed from Sugahara’s own personal experiences and hardship in business, and was held at the university’s biggest event, the Cosmos Festival. She connected with the audience in her own inimitable manner, as the Department of Business Administration's youngest lecturer.
  • Appears as a guest wire jewelry performer for a Halloween event at a famous nightclub in The Venetian, Macao.
  • Holds an event she has planned as a competition, starting up an official website for it named Konpeti nanoda! (tr. "So it's a competition!"). As the host, Sugahara cast the first entry in the competition.


  • Becomes a lecturer with, Japan's largest agency run by Personne Co., Ltd. Sugahara's main topics are personal development using neuroscience and psychology, surface coating, web direction and marketing theory.
  • Assumes the position of Senior Advisor to Bijou Factory, the cosmetics company she founded.
  • Conducts annual Makeup Day (May 9) volunteer makeup activities at disaster relief accommodation in Ōnodai, Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture
  • 2012 Makeup Day activities are broadcast as a feature program on NHK Fukushima. The program, which also featured an interview with Sugahara, was broadcast nationally by NHK Fukushima Radio.
  • Smile Makeup activities, along with the aim of the project are published as a special feature by The Tokushima Shimbun.
  • Acquires an antique dealer's license.
  • Incorporates Bijou de Mojo, the jewelry brand she founded. Assumes role of president.
  • Completes an Advanced Gem Identification Course, as well as a Diamond & Jewelry Course under the special guidance of Nobuhiro Akaike, a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. Akaike's is a noted gem polisher; courses were conducted at his NOBU Jewelry School in the Jewelry Trade Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Major Appearances, Articles

Interviewed for a Nikkei Woman special feature during 2011, focusing on her disaster relief efforts to assist victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Sugahara appears regularly as the main personality on her Bay FM radio show Happy! Denpa Girl!!, broadcast between 00:30 and 01:00 on Wednesdays JST. She chats about her favorite music, brains, manga comics and films, with guest appearances from artists, teachers of neuroscience, and friends. [currently in hiatus]


Girls! Train Your Brain to Attract Love and Happiness in Five Minutes a Day, published in Japanese by Banraisha.


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