Regular Show (Pilot), Regular Show, or otherwise just known as The Pilot or Pilot is the pilot for the Cartoon Network show (Regular Show)with the same name.


Mordecai and Rigby tie Rock Paper Scissors over a couch 100 times.


The plot starts with Mordecai looking in the fridge for milk and Rigby looking in the pantry for cereal and with idiotic faces combine the two things together. The Regular Show title card appears and when Mordecai and Rigby settle into their seats they realise there is only one clean spoon left and Mordecai decides to play Punchies. Rigby goes first punching Mordecai on the shoulder but takes no affect on Mordecai due to Rigby's lack of strength and muscle. Mordecai punches Rigby hard in the shoulder making Mordecai have it. Rigby eats his cereal without milk and Mordecai offers Rigby some and pours it into his mouth of cereal. Benson and Pops then come into the room holding a brown couch with Mordecai and Rigby looking at the sofa in awe. Mordecai then asks Pops where he is taking it and Pops replies with a weird answer "Two men will whisk it away to magic trash city" then Benson says that they're throwing it away. Mordecai and Rigby both ask if they can have it and start fighting. Pops says he doesn't know who to choose and then Mordecai decides to play Punchies again. Rigby disagrees with his friend and says they should play a more compact game such as Rock Paper Scissors. Mordecai agrees and they tie their game twice. Pops is amused by this and gets everybody to gather around quick. It then goes into a montage of Mordecai and Rigby tying several times and everybody thinking of it as cool. When Mordecai and Rigby get to their 99th tie, Mordecai asks everyone why they are even doing this. Mordecai and Rigby then make their 100th tie and summon a black hole monster who wants to eat their prize. The couch then starts floating to the hole and Rigby grabs a hold of the couch, Mordecai grabbing onto Rigby, and Pops grabbing onto Mordecai. Pops then calls Benson and Skips from the cart by the walkie talkies. Skips then comes and holds onto Pops and Benson holds onto Skips. Benson then tells the duo that they have to break the tie. Mordecai goes paper and Rigby goes scissors ending the catastrophe in a sudden flash. The park workers then wake up in the messy front yard and Benson gets up and yells at Mordecai and Rigby to clean their huge mess or they're fired. Mordecai and Rigby then play rock paper scissors for who gets to drive the cart to the dump and the short ends.


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