Regain Records is a Swedish based independent record label. The label predominantly releases death metal and black metal albums. Regain Records was founded from what remained of the former label, Wrong Again Records, by Per Gyllenbäck in 1997. Wrong Again Records had such bands as In Flames, Cryptopsy, Arch Enemy, and Naglfar among its ranks.

Regain Records' first two releases were Deranged's High on Blood and Embraced's Amorous Anathema, in late 1997. In the first two years of operation, business for the label was slow, due to lack of proper distribution. It was not until Regain Records re-released the first two In Flames albums, Lunar Strain and Subterranean, which were previously released under the name Wrong Again Records, that the label began to prosper.

In 2008 the label was involved in a legal dispute with the band Gorgoroth over their 2008 live album.[1]

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