Red and White Battle
Traditional Chinese 翡翠歌星紅白鬥
Simplified Chinese 翡翠歌星红白斗
Literal meaning "Jade Singers Red White Fight"

Jade's Red and White Battle (Chinese: 翡翠歌星紅白鬥), more commonly known as simply Red and White (紅白), will be a music show proposed to hold every year on 7 July, produced by Hong Kong's leading public broadcaster TVB. The programme divides popular Hong Kong singers into two competing teams of red and white. The red team consists of all female singers, while the white team consists of all male. The show also invites famous local and overseas singers as guest performers for the show.


To revive Hong Kong's dwindling music industry, Sandy Yu, creative director of TVB's non-drama department, created the Jade's Red and White Battle based on Japan's Kōhaku Uta Gassen. The first show will debut on 7 July 2012.[1]

Overview and performers


Team Team captain Team members[1][2] Winning team
Red Joey Yung[3] Charlene Choi, Gem, Jade Kwan, Mag Lam, Kay Tse, Ivana Wong, TBA.
White Leo Ku[3] William Chan, Julian Cheung, FAMA, Raymond Lam, Edmond Leung, RubberBand, TBA.
Guest performers


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