The Order of the Silver Dragon (Red Srebrnog Zmaja) is the first (and only) organization in Zagreb (Croatia) which is engaged in the promotion of chivalry, medieval history and culture reenactment, preservation of old traditions and beliefs, and the world of fantasy. Its members are mostly young people; high-school and college students, college educated professionals, skillful artisans and medieval enthusiasts.

The Order of the Silver Dragon deals with the medieval history ranging from the early 12th to the late 15th century. They participate in most of medieval reenactment events in Croatia and abroad (tournaments, renaissance festivals, medieval fairs). They possess full medieval camp which includes great number of military equipment and weapons, authentic decorations and other medieval equipment.

Members of Order of The Silver Dragon train and perform medieval fights, reenact medieval battles and present other types of authentic period warfare. They are also engaged in organizing and taking part in other types of events, such as demonstrating medieval fights and posing as honorary guards at different festivities and happenings, team buildings, school and outdoors workshops for children, TV commercials, music videos, theatre plays, documentaries and films. The Order of the Silver Dragon also takes pride in publishing its own magazine, "Grifon" ("Griffin"), which is the only magazine in Croatia that covers the themes of medieval reenactment and fantasy. Medieval reenactment for them is still a hobby, but it is also developing as a semi-professional activity in which they actively spend a lot of their free time.

The coat of arms

Sable and gules per pale, center dragon rampant argent, dexter chief feather or, sinister base sword or.

The shield (escutcheon) is divided vertically (per pale) and the colors (tinctures) of the fields are black (sable) and red (gules) with the silver (argent) dragon as a charge. Red stands for strength and warrior’s honor, and black symbolizes constancy. The dragon represents the keeper of the treasure, which is in the Order's case Croatian historical and cultural heritage. Its silver color represents sincerity. In the upper left corner (dexter chief) is a feather, which represents cultural and literary aspects of the Order (primarily their magazine, “Grifon”). In the lower right corner (sinister base) is a sword, which represents the fighting aspect of the Order and its efforts to revive the fighting skills of the Middle and early Modern Ages. Above the shield is a helm with a coronet, atop which sits the crest in the shape of a golden griffin. Griffin symbolizes a mythical protector of the treasure, similar to the dragon, and it represents primarily their magazine, as well as their mission in preservation of culture and history. Its golden color represents generosity. The backdrop for the shield is black and red mantling. Order's coat of arms was designed by Croatian illustrator Milivoj Ćeran.

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