Red screen of death (Disc format read error) in the PS2


Red screen of death in the PSP and the PS3

Longhorn RSoD

Red screen of death in Windows Vista

The Red Screen of Death (abbreviated RSoD, sometimes called "Red Screen of Doom") is a nickname for the error message which existed in some beta versions of Microsoft's operating system, Windows Vista and some video game consoles and handhelds. It was dropped in Beta 1 (Build 5112) of Windows Vista for all errors except boot loader errors. It can also be found (but rarely) in versions and early builds of Microsoft's Windows 98 operating system, even when it was known as codename "Memphis".

Video game consoles

A Red Screen can be also found on the PlayStation 2 if there is a format disc error, when the console fails to recognize the format of an inserted disc. When it appears, it says "Please insert a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 format disc."

It was accompanied by a sound similar to the startup tune of the browser, but with a more tense and distorted feel to it, along with the typically blue background changing into a dark and angered shade of red. When not expected, it was generally considered by gamers as a very frightening error screen. While not considered a "screen of death", its introduction and accompanying tune has given it a "Red Screen of Death" status by fans. Coincidentally, the error resembles the Doctor Who start-up, only slower, uses two clear blocks instead of the TARDIS, and without any music.

The system typically displays this screen when a damaged disc is inserted, or a bootleg copy of a game is detected upon startup. It is also common for this screen to be displayed in the case of a damaged disc or malfunctioning laser, or very occasionally for no apparent reason at all, possibly mistakenly detecting unauthorized software.

The PlayStation system also has a similar error, possibly where the PlayStation 2 error originated. The error occurs for the same reasons as above in the system detecting an unauthorized, incompatible or otherwise faulty CD. In this scenario the Sony logo will appear as normal, then a static red checkered screen appears with white text reading "Please insert PlayStation format disc". One can get this by putting in a damaged disc or putting in a PS2 blue bottom disc (e.g.: Pro Evolution Soccer).

The PlayStation 3 has this error as well, but is similar to a Blue Screen Of Death with the text "A serious error has occurred. Contact technical support for assistance". The same happens on the PlayStation Portable.

The Atari Jaguar also has a Red Screen of death in the case of a cartridge load error. If the game detects an unauthorized copy upon startup or is otherwise unable to boot the game the Jaguar logo will appear as normal before the background goes red while playing the roar.

Windows Vista

When a computer running Windows Vista or usually the boot loader of the Beta versions has a critical error, Windows Vista will display a Red screen of death. It has been seen many times since it was released in 2006 for beta and 2007 for the final version of Windows Vista, though it has the BSOD more often.

Windows 98 SE/Memphis

On Windows 98 SE (back as far as when it was codenamed "Memphis"), the Red Screen Of Death will occur if an ACPI driver fails during the Windows 98 boot, causing the system to crash.


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