This article describes notable characters who appear in the Mass Effect fictional universe. These characters are explored in the print novels Mass Effect: Revelation, Mass Effect: Ascension, Mass Effect: Retribution, and Mass Effect: Deception; the graphic novels Mass Effect: Homeworlds, Mass Effect: Conviction, Mass Effect: Redemption, Mass Effect: Evolution; the feature films Mass Effect: Paragon Lost; and the video games Mass Effect, Mass Effect Galaxy, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3: Datapad. This list describes only major protagonists, antagonists, and squad members that appear in the games, novels, and comic, although these storylines feature much larger supporting casts consisting of dozens of minor characters.

Recurring squad members

Characters who have served as recurring protagonists and/or squad members in multiple installments or elements of the Mass Effect franchise.

Liara T'Soni

Dr. Liara T'Soni is an Asari scientist. In the first Mass Effect, she is 106 years old, barely an adult by asari standards. She has a passion for studying and working with Prothean technology. T'Soni is an expert in the field of Prothean archaeology, specifically evidence concerning the Protheans' demise. She is, in fact, found in a Prothean ruin, trapped in a kinetic bubble prison. T'Soni is a possible romance interest for both male and female Shepards.[1] The asari have only female gender, and can reproduce with any gender or species.[2] Liara's class is unique to her as an asari Scientist, skilled mainly in biotics, but unable to build skills in weapons and tech abilities. Unlike the human equivalent Adept, however, T'Soni can learn "Electronic" skills.

T'Soni is the daughter of Matriarch Benezia, a well-respected and powerful asari biotic.[3] It is unknown precisely who T'Soni's other parent is, except that she was another asari. In the Mass Effect 2 downloadable content Lair of the Shadow Broker, on the Shadow Broker's ship a video of an asari looking at a picture of Liara can be viewed. This asari is the Matriarch that is the bartender on Illium, and in Mass Effect 3, both the Matriarch, Aethyta, and Liara can be goaded into conversing with each other in the Presidium. There is a certain social stigma attached to this, as the asari believe that for them to improve themselves, they should mate with other species to gain new genetic properties. If two asari mate as Liara's parents did, then it is believed that nothing is gained from the relationship. The term "Pureblood" is used as a cruel insult for children born of two asari. When asked about her second parent, T'Soni is only able to speculate that her parents were possibly embarrassed by the union, but she does not know for certain.

In Mass Effect: Redemption, Two turian brothers and a batarian, heading towards Omega, are discussing their asari passenger, and comment it's been a month since the destruction of the Normandy and the disappearance of Commander Shepard. When their passenger, revealed to be Liara, asks if they're close to the station, they refuse to let her leave and suggestively demand additional "docking fees". Disgusted, she refuses and uses her biotics to incapacitate them. Liara then docks the ship herself, telling the landing staff that her visit is both business and personal, and that she has "someone to meet".

Later, in the Afterlife Club on Omega, Liara is speaking with an elcor patron about Shepard's whereabouts, only to be told they have not seen "...anyone like that here—nor have I been looking". The two are commenting on a news broadcast that reports the Citadel is still under reconstruction when they are interrupted by a mysterious hooded figure, who is revealed to be a drell. Liara recognises him as her contact, and asks for information on Shepard. The drell agrees to inform her, but only once they are outside. The drell, known as Feron, informs Liara that Shepard is dead. Liara is devastated and asks Feron to see the body when they are attacked by Blue Sun mercenaries. The Blue Sun mercenaries are attacked by Cerberus operatives and Liara and Feron manage to escape only to be captured by Cerberus, where they meet Miranda Lawson. Liara meets with the Illusive Man to discuss Cerberus's motives; Shepard represents humanity and Cerberus wants the body back in human hands. The Collectors have hired the Shadow Broker who in turn, hired the Blue Sun mercenaries to retrieve Shepard's body as well. The Illusive Man tasks Liara to find out precisely why the Collectors want Shepard's body. Liara agrees, but for Shepard, not Cerberus.

In Mass Effect 2, T'Soni initially depicts a radically changed personality due to her experience as a black market information dealer. Acting much more like her mother Benezia, T'Soni has become an information broker on Illium in direct rivalry to the Shadow Broker. Having improved as a biotic, she uses threats and other intimidation tactics to extort information. If the player imported a Shepard from the original Mass Effect that romanced Liara, she greets Shepard with a kiss. Liara assigns Shepard an optional quest to assist her in hunting down an agent of the Shadow Broker spying on her, known as the Observer. Liara's anger at the Broker stems from when he recovered Shepard's body and was prepared to sell it to the Collectors during the events of Mass Effect: Redemption. After certain dialogue choices, the player is finally able to break through her shell and reveal the real Liara, revealing that her darker personality is nothing more than a facade. T'Soni took pains in getting Shepard's body from the Broker and gave it to Cerberus so they could bring Shepard back to life. Liara knew that Cerberus would use Shepard for their own uses, but still gave them Shepard's body as she cares for Shepard and could not let the Commander go. She feared that Shepard would hate her for this, and apologizes. In spite of wanting to join Shepard, she declines Shepard's offer to join the team to continue her quest for revenge against the Shadow Broker. She expresses regret that she cannot join Shepard's squad.

However, she makes a new appearance in the Mass Effect 2 DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker and joins Shepard's crew temporarily as Shepard decides to help her hunt down the Shadow Broker. Shepard gradually breaks her hardened shell after lecturing her about mindlessly running into battles, but at the same time she states that she won't stop "to enjoy the scenery" until she's done. As the Shadow Broker is killed, Liara takes the opportunity to fill in his now vacant role. She says she will use her newly bestowed status to help assist Shepard's ongoing mission to fight the Reapers. It is also possible to resume the player character's romance with Liara at the end of "Lair of the Shadow Broker".

As the new Shadow Broker, Liara desperately searches for a way to stop the Reapers. Journeying to Thessia to examine the Prothean archives there, she is disappointed to learn how little they contain. A former colleague recommends investigating Kahje since its Prothean ruins are much more vast. Once there, Liara persuades a hanar official to allow her to visit a submerged Prothean site that had become a hanar shrine. A drell named Quoyle takes her to the shrine, but on arrival the shrine launches torpedoes at Quoyle's craft; a Cerberus Phantom had killed the shrine's staff and activated the defenses. When the craft is hit, Liara uses her biotics to keep it from flooding while Quoyle guides it to the dock.

At the shrine, Liara encounters and kills the Phantom, using her biotics to slam a piece of debris through the Phantom's skull. Quoyle is wounded, but not mortally and tells Liara to go on to the archives. There, Liara discovers a promising lead in the form of encryption keys for other Prothean archives, but is interrupted by the Illusive Man. He insists that the Phantom is not his doing, blaming the attack on a rogue faction within Cerberus and proposes that they form an alliance against the Reapers. Liara agrees that to pool her resources with Cerberus's against the Reapers might be a mutually beneficial move, but she insists that he upload his information first. When the Illusive Man remains silent, Liara opines that either he wants to keep the information he has to himself, or that he doesn't have any information in the first place.

As Liara goes to leave, the Illusive Man insinuates that she doesn't have what it takes to be the Shadow Broker, claiming that his black market contacts think the Broker has become soft and weak, and insists she needs his help; Liara retorts that he is the one trying to make a deal, advises him to send an army the next time he tries to kill her and leaves. As she helps Quoyle to the shrine's shuttle bay, she informs Admiral Hackett of her possible lead and asks for access to a top-secret facility on Mars.

Liara T'Soni returns as a permanent squad member in Mass Effect 3 and there are consequences for players that were unfaithful to her as a romantic interest in Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2.[4] After the events of Arrival, Liara realized what little time the galaxy had before the Reapers arrived. Admiral Hackett, knowing this as well, commissioned for Liara's aid. However, this brought her into conflict with Illusive Man. Eventually, through a process of elimination, mixed with desperation, she discovered plans for a Prothean superweapon on Mars. Unfortunately, by then, the Reaper invasion reached Earth. Regardless of whether or not Lair of the Shadow Broker was completed, she will become the Shadow Broker, but if it wasn't, she took on the Shadow Broker with dozens of hired mercenaries, but with Feron's death.

If Shepard assisted her in taking out the Shadow Broker, she mentions that during the time that Shepard was in Alliance custody, Cerberus managed to track down the Shadow Broker's ship at Hagalaz, and sent a cruiser against it. As the aging ship was not suited for space travel, Liara and Feron loaded as much equipment as they could onto a shuttle as possible, then remotely sent the ship crashing into the cruiser, resulting in the destruction of both ships. Liara didn't have much love lost over the event, as the most crucial part of the Broker's operation is the galaxy-wide spy network.

Upon meeting a surviving Prothean, Javik, she is initially overjoyed to have one serving aboard the Normandy, but slowly becomes more disappointed, having previously imagined the Protheans as the "keepers of wisdom and enlightenment" of their era, only to find them to be "cold and ruthless warlords". Eventually, this relationship reaches a breaking point after the fall of Thessia, where Liara is in Javik's quarters, frustrated with him for "not having the answers". Shepard can either diffuse the situation, or allow Liara to walk away. If the former happens, the two will begin to respect and appreciate each other.

Liara is currently the -only- squad member to have never been listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck; this "plot-armor" importance is due to her deuteragonist position within the context of Commander Shephard's story.

Liara T'Soni is voiced by Ali Hillis, and her face and body is modeled after actress Jillian Murray.

Ashley Williams

Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams is a human Alliance Marine who enlisted straight out of high school. She is 25 years old in the first Mass Effect. Williams is a competent non-commissioned officer. She joins the squad during the first mission, replacing Corporal Richard L. Jenkins (who was killed in action). Ashley is a pure soldier, skilled with weapons and heavy armor but unable to use advanced tech abilities or biotics. She is a possible romance interest for a male Commander Shepard. She hails from a military family: her great-grandmother, grandfather, and father all served in the Alliance Navy. Her family suffers from the dubious service history of her grandfather, however, as he is the only human officer to ever surrender to an alien force, specifically the turian fleet at the colony of Shanxi. Williams says that she and her father have been passed over for many a promotion because of the stigma her grandfather still holds among the Alliance brass. Her mother raised Ash and her three younger sisters on various colonial worlds while her father was on duty. Williams is religious, though her precise faith and denomination are never elaborated upon, except for her belief in Judgment Day and a greater power. She also occasionally expresses "human-centric" views, as a result of her grandfather having been disgraced in the First Contact War against the turians.[5]

Late in the game, on the planet Virmire, Williams is one of two characters who can opt to assist a salarian commando unit in their assault on Saren's lab complex. During the assault, the player is confronted with a choice that may result in Ashley being killed when a nuclear warhead is detonated. If she is, later dialogue indicates the salarian and turian governments have awarded her their most highest medals, honoring her sacrifice for soldiers not even of her own race.

Williams appears in Mass Effect 2, provided she lived through the first game. Now an Operations Chief, Williams was sent to Horizon officially on a mission to provide anti-orbital weapons to the colonists. She is first seen defending the colony against a swarm of paralyzing Collector "seekers," but ultimately is overwhelmed and paralyzed. Upon being rescued, she voices disapproval towards Shepard's alliance with Cerberus. Should there have been a romance between Shepard and Williams, she will later send him an apologetic email, expressing her desire to be with him once more.

Ashley Williams returns in Mass Effect 3, provided she survived the events of the original game. Prior to the game's release, it was said that players that keep her as a romance interest (as indicated by her portrait on Shepard's desk not being face down) in Mass Effect will be rewarded.[4] During the events of Mass Effect 3, Williams is commissioned as a lieutenant commander and has become the second human Spectre. She is seriously injured during the game's mission on Mars, but makes a full recovery and, depending on the player's actions, may join Shepard's team on board the Normandy.

Ashley is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if she did not survive the events of Mass Effect 1 & 3.

Ashley Williams is voiced by Kimberly Brooks and modeled after actress Erica Cerra.

Kaidan Alenko

Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko is a 32-year-old human male, Alliance Navy officer who accompanies Commander Shepard from the very beginning of the game. Alenko serves as a possible love interest for a female Shepard. In game, he is what is known as a Sentinel, a soldier highly skilled in both tech skills and biotics, though with little in the way of actual combat ability. Alenko has had a troubled relationship with his biotic abilities - he is one of the rare users of the controversial L2 implants, which have since been discontinued due to the long list of horrible side-effects discovered after their initial creation. Kaidan is regarded as "one of the lucky ones" as he only suffers from migraines, though many others suffer from crippling physical pain or insanity. If questioned by Shepard, Kaidan reveals that as a teenager he killed an instructor, a brutal turian mercenary, at the biotics training facility he attended, during biotics training by breaking his neck with a full-force biotic kick. The death had been an accident, as Kaidan was enraged when the instructor injured a girl he admired.

Late in the game, on the planet Virmire, Kaidan is one of two characters who can opt to assist a salarian commando unit in their assault on Saren's lab complex. If Ashley is selected to lead the unit, Kaidan is the primary technician for activating a bomb that destroys the facility. During the assault, the player is confronted with a choice that may result in Kaidan being left behind when the nuke is detonated.[5]

Alenko also plays a role in Mass Effect 2, provided that he survived in the first game. Since the first game's events, Alenko had been promoted to staff commander (one grade above Shepard's rank of lieutenant commander) and is stationed on the planet Horizon to help protect a human colony from the Collectors. The Illusive Man, using Kaidan's connection to Shepard as bait, lured the Collectors to Horizon. The Collectors attacked the colony and he was stung by a Collector Swarm, leaving him temporarily paralyzed. Shepard soon learns that Kaidan was sent to the colony to install a network of defense cannons to safeguard against future Collector attacks. After multiple firefights with the Collectors and Harbinger, Alenko is ultimately rescued by Shepard. The two reunite with a handshake (or a warm embrace if the player chose to import a Shepard from Mass Effect that had pursued a romantic relationship with Kaidan) and Shepard tells him that he/she has been dead for two years. However, upon learning that Shepard is working with Cerberus, Alenko grows suspicious and refuses to join Shepard on his/her mission. Later on, if Shepard romanced Kaidan in the first game, Kaidan will send him/her an apology letter stating that his earlier behavior was a result of his concern and worry for him/her and that he would still like to be romantically involved after the Collectors have been defeated.

Players that keep him as a romance interest in Mass Effect 2 will be rewarded.[4]

If he survived the events of the first game, Alenko returns in Mass Effect 3. In the intervening months since the end of Mass Effect 2 he has been promoted to the rank of Major and placed in command of a covert Alliance special operations team of human biotics. He has been summoned to testify at Shepard's trial following the events of the Arrival DLC story, and is present when the Reapers arrive at Earth and attack Vancouver. Kaidan connects with a new squadmate, marine James Vega, and makes his way to the Normandy SR-2, which has been confiscated, examined, and refurbished to serve in the Alliance as Admiral Anderson's personal flagship.

After arriving at a pinned-down Shepard and Anderson to evacuate them, Kaidan accompanies Shepard and Vega to the Prothean Archive on Mars under orders to retrieve intelligence that Liara T'soni has uncovered there, believed to be crucial to the war effort. The group is joined by T'soni as they engage Cerberus troops who are attacking the base to secure the same Prothean data for The Illusive Man. After confronting Cerberus' mole at the facility, the synthetic infiltrator Dr. Eva Coré, Kaidan is badly injured. Shepard disables and captures the gynoid for study, and rushes Alenko to Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Presidium of the Citadel for treatment. Shepard can then check in on Kaidan as he recuperates—he is initially unconscious, but once Shepard completes a mission Alenko sends a message to the Normandy saying he is awake and would welcome a visit. The two can discuss the Major's injury (a dialogue chain that can first hint at flirtation with a male or female Shepard, or interest in renewing intimacy with a previously-romanced female Shepard), recent activities and promotion, family back on Earth, and their tense encounter on Horizon months earlier. Kaidan also mentions that Donnel Udina has put his name forward to become the second human Spectre, and that he is considering accepting. This visit also represents an opportunity to present a 'get well soon' gift to foster trust later in the story.

Once Shepard completes another mission off the Citadel, s/he receives another e-mail from Kaidan saying his is about to be discharged and would appreciate another visit for the Commander's advice. Returning to the Citadel and offering words of encouragement further builds confidence between Shepard and Alenko, who will not be available for interaction again until Udina—conspiring with Cerberus—attempts a coup against the Citadel Council to seize control of their fleets for the liberation of Earth. During this battle Alenko appears in his new capacity as a Spectre, providing protection for the Council members who are being led by Udina into a trap. Shepard arrives to intervene, and in the ensuing confrontation if Kaidan still suspects Shepard of colluding with Cerberus he is shot (either by Shepard or by a squadmate) in order to stop Udina. Alternatively, if Shepard has worked to regain Kaidan's trust, he takes Shepard's side, and will shoot Udina if Shepard abstains.

If he survives the coup attempt, Kaidan later meets Shepard at the Normandy dock and offers to re-join the crew. Shepard can either accept him aboard, or advise him to stay behind and gain him as a War Asset. Later, if Shepard has consistently been understanding and encouraging toward him, Kaidan sends an e-mail inviting Shepard to dinner on their next visit to the Citadel. Conversation instigated during this 'date' represents (male or female) Shepard's opportunity to 'lock in' a romantic relationship with Alenko or to rebuff his advances. If pursued, Kaidan appears at Shepard's cabin on the eve of the assault on The Illusive Man's headquarters and the two can consummate their relationship (though triggerable dialogue between Kaidan and Shepard in the Starboard Observation Louge suggests that they've spent the night together at least once already). Alternatively, Shepard can turn him down to avoid "distraction," presumably terminating the romantic relationship.

During the final battle for Earth, Kaidan appears again at the forward operating base in London, having re-connected with his biotic special operations unit. If he and Shepard have pursued a romantic relationship, their 'farewell' turns affectionate one last time; they kiss, Alenko states his desire to hold Shepard again and Shepard says Kaidan had "better be there when I come back." Shortly thereafter the final 'push' to the Citadel begins and the two are separated.

Following Shepard's final decision and the completion of the campaign, Kaidan may be seen stepping off of a crashed Normandy on an unknown world following the catastrophic disruption of the mass relay network.

Kaidan is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 1 & 3.

Kaidan Alenko is voiced by Raphael Sbarge, also known for his role in BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords as Carth Onasi.

Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian is a male turian and an officer in the Citadel Security Force (C-Sec). He has never liked or trusted Saren and was investigating his activities, but wasn't able to prove any blatant acts of treason. He chafes under the red tape, rules and regulations of Citadel Security and had become unsatisfied with his role there. He believes in using any means necessary to either prevent or solve crimes, almost seemingly regardless of the consequences; this is a direct result of a case he was involved with that came to an unsatisfactory conclusion. During his investigations, Garrus came across a case in which a salarian named Doctor Saleon had sold many organs through the black market. When his employees were questioned they were found to also be Dr. Saleon's test subjects as they were growing the cloned organs inside their own bodies, in many cases resulting in traumatic physical and psychological injuries. Unfortunately, the doctor escaped C-Sec custody and fled the Citadel, and Garrus felt that it was the hesitation and regulations governing C-Sec that allowed Dr. Saleon to escape.

Before joining C-Sec, Garrus spent time in the turian military. During his service with C-Sec Garrus was targeted as a Spectre candidate, but was dissuaded against it by his father, a C-Sec officer who was strictly "by the book", out of personal fear that Garrus would end up like Saren. When given the opportunity to pursue Saren alongside Shepard - who is not bound by rules and operates outside the law - he is happy to accept. He is a turian Agent, skilled at both weapons and engineering, similar to an Infiltrator class. Depending on Shepard's advice and actions, Garrus may at one point apply for the Spectre program, with or without re-applying for C-Sec in the process.

After the Battle of the Citadel, Garrus is disappointed when the public accepts the official line that the threat posed by Sovereign and the geth has ended and goes back to living as if the tragedy never happened. Frustrated with C-Sec's red tape, Garrus quits and goes after a local drug smuggler on his own. The smuggler reveals that his supplier is Omega. Garrus heads there, where he thinks he can actually make a difference.

Upon arrival at the station, Garrus stops a vorcha from mugging an elderly human couple, who thank him and call him a "real-life angel". At Afterlife, Garrus meets Sidonis and the two agree to form a squad to combat Omega's criminals. Garrus assumes the moniker of "Archangel" and spreads the word of what he's doing by going after thugs personally. Before long, Garrus' squad expands to twelve members, including himself, Sidonis, a salarian explosives expert, a batarian tech expert, and various former mercs, security consultants, and C-Sec agents. Together, they declare war on Omega's criminals but are careful to avoid civilian casualties. Even when the gangs unite against Garrus' squad, they are unable to stop them. Eventually, the squad's success earns them a surplus of credits. Some members want to settle down and live comfortably, but Garrus pushes them to use their funds to hit parts of the station that were previously out of reach. Instead of listening to his squad, Garrus pushes them to their limits, hoping to completely purge Omega of crime.

At some point, Sidonis is captured by the Blue Suns and forced to trick Garrus into leaving the squad's hideout to strike an alleged Blood Pack gun running operation in the Kenzo District. Garrus finds no trace of the operation, and returns to the hideout just as the gangs bomb it and gun down the rest of his squad. Garrus remembers his arguments with his father and decides that he was mistaken to ignore what his father tried so hard to teach him, that he had to be strong enough to do the right thing even when it was difficult.

Resigned to his fate as the gangs move in to kill him, Garrus contacts his father and apologizes. His father, realizing Garrus' situation, tells him to forget about that and to finish up his "target practice" then head back to Palaven so they can sort everything out. Through his rifle's scope, Garrus spots a familiar emblem on one individual's armor, and tells his father that he'll return home when he can because "the odds just got a lot better."

In Mass Effect 2, after the Normandy was destroyed, Garrus Vakarian went on to pursue a life of vigilantism, making his way to Omega, a lawless space station where various criminal syndicates compete for power. Garrus earned the alias "Archangel" after sabotaging mercenary activity there, although he avoids attacking the asari Aria T'Loak, the de facto leader of Omega. (Aria helps Shepard find Garrus, although she only knows him by his "Archangel" alias) When Shepard finds him, Garrus is holed up in his base as three crime syndicates send waves of mercenaries to kill him. During the final onslaught, Garrus is badly injured by an attack from a gunship, leaving him with facial scars and damaged armor. Garrus nevertheless makes a swift recovery after joining the team.

Garrus' loyalty quest involves a search for a former turian squadmate, Lantar Sidonis, who betrayed Garrus' team during his time on Omega and caused their deaths at the hands of the crime syndicates. After finding a lead on the traitor, Shepard and Garrus locate Sidonis on the Citadel, and depending on the player's actions, Garrus will either kill Sidonis or allow him to live to endure a guilt-ridden life.

In Mass Effect 2, Garrus is a potential romantic interest for a female Shepard.

Garrus is a member of Shepard's squad for most of Mass Effect 3, provided he survived the events of the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. After defeating the Collectors, Garrus realized what little time the galaxy had before the Reapers arrived. With the Council still unwilling to listen, he went to his father on Palaven, relaying all the events beginning with the Eden Prime war, so he could convince the primarch. Eventually, Garrus gains a "Reaper task force" to improve turian defenses, which bought Palaven a limited amount of time when the Reapers invaded. If he and Tali are both alive and not pursued by Shepard in Mass Effect 2, or chooses to end the relationship, they will begin a relationship in Mass Effect 3.

Garrus is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Garrus Vakarian is voiced by Brandon Keener.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya is a 24-year-old female quarian and Commander Shepard's squad member. She is the daughter of Rael'Zorah, a member of the Migrant Fleet's Admiralty Board. Though young, Tali is a mechanical genius. Tali is introduced as a person who possesses information that can implicate Saren in the destruction of the human colony of Eden Prime.

In 2183, Tali sets off on her Pilgrimage, a rite of passage to prove her worth and bring something of value back to her people aboard the Migrant Fleet, aboard the vessel Honorata, crewed by Keenah'Breizh. She plans to begin her Pilgrimage at Illium, but en route through the Crescent Nebula, the Honorata detects a geth presence on an unidentified ice world. Tali and Keenah land to investigate, and manage to disable a geth unit and successfully extract its memory core, which contains a recording of two individuals discussing an attack on the human colony of Eden Prime and the coming of the Reapers. Fearing that the rest of the galaxy may be in danger, Tali convinces Keenah that they should turn over the recording to the local authorities on Illium. At that moment, the turian mercenary Jacobus and his team, on the planet under Saren Arterius' orders to find Prothean technology, attack them. They flee to the Honorata and set a course for Illium.

Once there, Illium's docking officials, prejudiced against quarians, refuse to allow the Honorata to land for several days. This gives Jacobus enough time to land on Illium first and plan an ambush. When the Honorata finally lands, Tali and the crew immediately come under fire, and the Honorata's other crew member is killed. Unable to return to their ship, Tali and Keenah stow away on a transport ship bound for the Citadel, where they hope to give the geth recording to the Citadel Council.

The transport's crew discover the stowaways, but the captain decides to turn them over to C-Sec instead of killing them. They try to explain to Chellick that they have important information for the Council, but he ignores them and warns them to leave the station in the next day. After learning from Avina that there is a seven month wait for an audience with the Council, they are spotted by Jacobus, who chases them across the Citadel. Tali is shot in her side during the chase, but Keenah is mortally wounded. Arriving at an incinerator deep inside the Citadel, Keenah can no longer keep up with Tali and dies. Tali leaves her friend and sets up a trap of her own for Jacobus. When the turian enters the incinerator, she seals the doors behind him and activates it, burning him alive.

Arriving at the clinic, Tali is treated by Dr. Chloe Michel, to whom she tells the story of her journey and the information she obtained from the geth. Barla Von mentions that he is an information broker and can contact the Shadow Broker to ensure that Tali's information can reach the right people. He encourages her to trust him and directs her to Chora's Den where she can hide out. Tali agrees and asks where to go.

Saren himself sends assassins after her, and once Shepard rescues her, she is able to join the squad if the player chooses. Tali is on a "Pilgrimage," which is a quarian coming-of-age rite in which a young quarian leaves the home fleet and finds something valuable, which is brought back to the fleet to prove their willingness to contribute to the community. She has some trouble adjusting to the quiet atmosphere of the Normandy because the ships she lived on at her home were all rather loud and clunky, and silence usually meant an air filter or some other important component had broken. Later on in the game, it is revealed that her father serves on the fleet Admiralty board making him a prominent figure amongst the quarians. This puts Tali under more pressure than most to ensure that she finds something important during her pilgrimage. Later in the game, either on Feros or in the main geth base in the Armstrong Nebula (in an optional side quest), Shepard can find information on the geth that can be given to Tali so she can complete her Pilgrimage.

In Mass Effect 2, having completed her Pilgrimage in 2185, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya is considered an adult in quarian society, having gained the vas Neema designation, had been entrusted with leading an important research mission for the Admiralty Board. She is first encountered by Shepard on the human colony Freedom's Progress, which had been attacked by the Collectors prior to their arrival. Tali and her small group are trying to retrieve a quarian present in the colony who had not been abducted during the Collector attack, but the terrified quarian had reprogrammed the colony's security mechs to attack any intruders. Shepard helps neutralize the mechs and recover the quarian survivor, named Veetor. Shepard can choose to turn Veetor over to Tali for medical treatment or over to Cerberus for interrogation. Either way, however, Tali does not accompany Shepard at this point in the storyline. Tali then goes on a mission with a small team for the quarian Admiralty Board to the planet Haestrom, deep in geth space, to study Haestrom's star. The study group is detected and attacked by geth, and most of the quarian team is wiped out (one of the quarian Marines, Kal'Reegar, may survive, depending on the player's actions). She joins Shepard once Shepard rescues her from the assaulting geth force.

Tali'Zorah's loyalty quest involves her being tried for treason. Shepard and Tali travel to the quarian Migrant Fleet flotilla, where Tali identifies herself as Tali'Zorah vas Neema nar Rayya and it is revealed that Tali had been working with her father to discover more about the geth, periodically shipping him pieces of disabled geth. For unknown reasons, the geth were reassembled, reactivated, and subsequently killed everyone on board the research ship Tali's father was stationed on. Once Shepard and Tali battle through said ship and recover evidence that indicates the fault lies with Tali's now-deceased father, Rael'Zorah, the team returns to the main quarian ship. The player may choose to either heed Tali's plea and deny finding evidence that would dishonor her father, or present the evidence to the quarians. If the former option is taken, Tali is exiled. If the latter option is taken, Tali remains part of the fleet but does not become loyal to Shepard, and further incites a political firestorm among the Admiralty Board. However, depending on Shepard's Paragon or Renegade score, the outcome of the trial may be influenced dramatically. As a Paragon, Shepard speaks eloquently about the role Tali played in the first game and how she illustrated to the galaxy the worth of the quarian people; as a Renegade, Shepard accuses the tribunal of not caring about Tali's fate and instead keeping its own agenda about their war with the geth in mind. Additionally, if certain tasks (turning Veetor over to Tali on Freedom's Progress and saving Kal'Reegar on Haestrom) are completed prior to the trial, a third option of inciting the crowd to support Tali becomes available. Taking any of these three paths prevents the exile of Tali while still maintaining the honor of her father. Regardless of the player's actions, the trial results in Tali staying with Shepard, whether by choice or exile, and thus gives her the Tali'Zorah vas Normandy nar Rayya designation permanently.

In Mass Effect 2, Tali is a potential romantic interest for male Shepard.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya returns as a permanent squad member in Mass Effect 3, provided she survived the events of the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. If she was exonerated, Tali will take her father's place on the Admiralty Board; if she was exiled, she will lend her aid in secret. However, Tali may or not leave the squad, depending on Shepard's stance toward the geth. If Shepard allows Legion/Geth VI to upload the Reaper program to empower its race, the quarian Migrant Fleet is decimated by the geth for good and Tali commits suicide by removing her mask and throwing herself from a cliff; otherwise, the geth are vanquished by the quarians who finally retake their home planet and agrees to aid Shepard's war effort against the Reapers, with Tali staying in the squad for the rest of the game. Alternatively, if certain conditions in both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are met before the upload, Shepard can broker a ceasefire between the quarians and geth, allowing Tali's people to resettle on their homeworld with the help of the geth and both factions join the galactic coalition, and with her obtaining the Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch nar Rayya designation permanently. If she and Garrus are both alive and not pursued by Shepard in Mass Effect 2, or chooses to end the relationship in Mass Effect 3, they will begin a relationship.

Tali'Zorah is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if she did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3; her name will be engraved in the memorial wall on the Normandy as "Tali'Zorah vas Normandy nar Rayya", if she was loyal but committed suicide on Rannoch or did not survive the suicide mission.

Tali'Zorah is voiced by Ash Sroka (originally credited as Liz Sroka).

Urdnot Wrex

A famous bounty hunter and mercenary, Wrex is among the last of the krogan Battle Masters. They are rare individuals who can combine biotic abilities with advanced weaponry and tactics. Wrex quickly gained fame for his battle powers and became a leader of one of the smaller Urdnot tribes at a very young age. To date, Wrex is the youngest krogan to be granted the honor in 1,000 years. Following the krogan genophage (a salarian bioweapon which causes a genetic mutation that causes stillbirth in 99.9% of the krogan population), Wrex realized that his people had degenerated from the honor-bound people they once were and had become senselessly violent, preferring death in battle rather than saving their culture through peaceful means. Wrex turned his back on his people when his father, a krogan warlord who wanted to resume the war, betrayed and attempted to kill him. Wrex escaped, though not before taking his father's life in retaliation. During the past three centuries, Wrex has worked as a bodyguard, mercenary, soldier and a bounty hunter. One operation as a mercenary was with Saren Arterius as his employer, though Wrex immediately sensed something very troubling about the turian and left the contract without even waiting to get paid. His instincts were right: every other mercenary on the ship they were on turned up dead within a week. Despite his menacing appearance, Wrex rarely loses his temper. Likewise, Wrex doesn't voice his thoughts very often. But when he does, people are more than willing to listen. The mere threat of his anger is enough to ensure that.[6]

Late in the game, at the planet Virmire, Wrex learns that Saren is developing a cure for the krogan genophage to create an army of krogan soldiers. Uncertain as to whom he should listen now, Wrex has an angry confrontation with Shepard over whether or not the facility should be destroyed. Depending on the player's choices during that time, Wrex can be killed by either Shepard or Ashley, or he may survive.

Wrex returns in Mass Effect 2, provided he lived through the first game.[7] If Wrex survived, he is encountered on the krogan homeworld, Tuchanka, where he has united the various krogan clans under Clan Urdnot to strengthen his ailing race in the face of the genophage.[8] He has introduced many modernizing reforms to krogan society, but faces fierce opposition against more traditionalist clans. Should Wrex have been killed in the previous game by either Ashley or Shepard, the player will be sourly greeted by Wrex's brother, Wreav.

Wrex returns in Mass Effect 3, provided he survived the events of Mass Effect, and has become the de facto leader of the krogan. During a war summit between the Salarian Dalatrass Linron and the Turian Primarch Victus, Wrex demands a cure for the genophage. In return, he would deploy krogan troops to Palaven. Using leaked information, Wrex forces the Dalatrass to release a fertile female krogan who is immune to the genophage.

If Shepard sabotages the genophage cure, on the next visit to the Citadel after Rannoch, Wrex reveals that he has obtained a copy of the "sabotage the cure" conversation between Shepard and the salarian Dalatrass. He will either be killed by Shepard or C-Sec officers.

If Shepard remains committed to curing the genophage, Shepard will warn both Wrex and the female krogan "Eve" about the sabotaged Shroud on Tuchanka. Both would be eternally grateful for Shepard's actions after Mordin's sacrifice. Wrex is later seen near the final battle in London rallying his troops.

Wrex is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 1 & 3.

Urdnot Wrex is voiced by Steven Barr.

Miranda Lawson

Miranda Lawson is a Cerberus officer and appears in Mass Effect 2 as a Normandy crew member who is also Shepard's second-in-command. She also had an appearance in Mass Effect Galaxy. In Galaxy, Miranda communicates with Jacob Taylor as a hologram, and is his main source of information on how to stop the batarian threat.

A few months after the destruction of the SSV Normandy, Miranda meets with Liara TSoni and Feron on Omega after their fight with Blue Suns mercenaries. Miranda tells Liara that they have the same goal and brings her to meet the Illusive Man. Miranda also says to Liara that the Blue Suns were the ones who attacked her and that the mercenary group has Commander Shepard's body and its still on Omega because Cerberus would have found out if someone had left with it. Then Miranda tells Liara that if she wants to find Shepard's body, she needs Feron's help.

Before Feron and Liara go through the Omega 2 Relay for the Shadow Broker's base, Miranda asks the Illusive Man to stop Tazzik, who is going to hit the Omega 2 Relay, but he tells her to wait. Then she sees Feron's ship and asks Illusive Man to follow it but once again he tells Miranda to wait.

After Liara acquires Shepard's body, Miranda meets Liara at Lazarus Research Station, where Shepard's body is transferred for recovery, and tells her that they may not be able to restore Shepard and that the body is in worse shape than expected. Liara tells Miranda to let the dead rest and that what Cerberus does is not what she brought Shepard back for. Miranda interrupts and tells her that maybe the Collectors would have done the same. She also explains that the Illusive Man is more hopeful about Shepard's prospects and they're going to spend everything they have but it will still take a very long time if it works at all. When Liara asks what will the boss do about Feron, Miranda answers that the drell knew the risks and if Liara wants to go after him, that's her business and suggests that she do what she wants.

In Mass Effect 2, Lawson is revealed to be a high ranking operative of the pro-human organization Cerberus, and has been genetically altered for superior intelligence and physical traits. She is shown to be a capable leader, exemplified with her being one of the few members of the squad who can successfully lead a fireteam in the final mission without anyone dying, despite feeling she doesn't command respect like Shepard does. Lawson is leader of Cerberus' Lazarus Cell, tasked with reviving Commander Shepard. Aboard the Normandy, she is Shepard's second-in-command and Executive Officer, and files mission reports directly to the Illusive Man.

Lawson was the artificially created daughter of Henry Lawson, a rich and powerful businessman from Earth. Rather than give her a human mother to randomize her genetic code, Henry took his own DNA and doubled his X chromosome, hoping to create a dynasty. Unhappy with his attempts to exert control over her life, Miranda joined Cerberus and secretly sent her sister into hiding to protect her from their father. Provided the player completes a mission to prevent her sister's abduction, she ultimately becomes loyal to Shepard. In one of the story's possible endings, she proves her loyalty when the Illusive Man gives her an order to prevent Shepard from destroying the Collectors' Space Station by refusing and announcing her resignation before ending the communication abruptly.

Lawson is a possible romance option for a male Shepard.[9]

Miranda Lawson makes an appearance in Mass Effect 3 if she survived the events of the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. After defeating the Collectors, she left Cerberus. Shepard meets Miranda on the Citadel, where she expresses her concerns that Oriana was found by her father. If she was not warned about a Cerberus attack, she will be killed by Assault Troopers under orders from the Illusive Man.

She is later encountered on Horizon after the events at Thessia. Shepard finds out that Oriana is being held by her father in a Cerberus facility disguised as a shelter. Miranda, Shepard, and Henry come face to face, and Shepard can either defuse the situation diplomatically or shoot Henry. If Shepard allows the elder Lawson to leave, Miranda will attack him, but dies from injuries sustained by Kai Leng. If Shepard secured Miranda's loyalty in Mass Effect 2, gave her ample warning about Kai Leng, granted her access to Alliance resources, and used the Persuasion options on Henry, Miranda survives and assists in the war effort.

Miranda is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if she did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Miranda Lawson is voiced by and modeled after actress Yvonne Strahovski.

Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor is the protagonist of Mass Effect Galaxy, and is the first squad member of Mass Effect 2. In Galaxy, he is a former Systems Alliance soldier who is re-recruited to investigate the batarians and discover why they have sent Jath'Amon, who claims to be an ambassador seeking peace with the Citadel Council. With the help of "Alliance" (actually, a pro-human terrorist group Cerberus) informant Miranda Lawson, he uncovers and thwarts Jath'Amon's scheme to assassinate the Council.

During Mass Effect 2, Jacob has become a full member of Cerberus and is Miranda's lieutenant. He joined Cerberus after seeing the Alliance sweep his exploits during Galaxy under the rug. Taylor is highly respectful of Shepard due to their shared background in the military. Thirteen years before, he had cut ties with his father, who was the XO (Executive Officer) of a lost spaceship, the Hugo Gernsback. Taylor joins Shepard early on in the game on the Cerberus space station where Shepard first awakens after his/her revival.

Taylor's loyalty quest involves a search for his missing father after a distress beacon activates. His father's ship, the Hugo Gernsback, had crashed ten years ago, but the beacon was only sent out just recently. Shepard and Taylor journey to the crash site and find the survivors of the crash deranged from toxic food harvested from the planet's environment. Taylor locates his father and realizes horrible truths regarding his father's abuse of power. Shepard and Taylor may either call the Alliance to send aid to the survivors and arrest Taylor's father for his crimes against his men, leave him unarmed to be killed by those he hurt, or leave him with a pistol with little ammunition so that he'll take his own life.

Jacob is a romantic option for a female Shepard.

Jacob Taylor will make an appearance in Mass Effect 3 provided that he survived the events of Mass Effect 2. After defeating the Collectors, he became disillusioned with Cerberus and left the organization. Jacob turned down a formal reinstatement into the Alliance marine corps, feeling that his past with Cerberus disqualified him from their company. Instead, he became a consultant, advising the Alliance on Cerberus tactics and defenses, as well as participating in missions that target the Illusive Man's holdings.

Later, after the Cerberus coup on the Citadel, Jacob is encountered with a group of defecting Cerberus scientists, including Brynn Cole, who he began a relationship with and is about to bear his child, at a secret location. However, Cerberus discovers the location of the scientists and attacks the base. He declines Shepard's invitation to return to the Normandy, preferring to stay and protect the scientists and their families. After a successful evacuation, Jacob and the scientists assist in the war effort. If a female Shepard romanced him previously, it will not continue.

Jacob is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Jacob Taylor is voiced by Adam Lazarre-White.

Thane Krios

Thane is a 39-year-old drell assassin who is dying of a disease known as Kepral's Syndrome, exclusive to drell. He is encountered on the asari-dominated world of Ilium. Raised on the hanar homeworld after the hanar saved the drell from extinction, Krios was trained as an assassin from the age of 6, making his first assassination at age 12. He met his wife during an assassination mission when she stepped in front of Thane's target in order to stop him. Thane's wife was murdered many years ago by mercenaries attempting to capture him. This event caused him to abandon his young son, Kolyat, a decision that still haunts him.

In the mission to gain Thane's loyalty, Shepard and team must travel to the Citadel to stop Kolyat from following in his father's footsteps and taking up the career of assassination. Kolyat's contracted target is a racist turian politician who extorts human rackets while promising to reduce crime in the Citadel Wards. Shepard will stop Kolyat from performing the assassination if the mission of successful (and may even kill the target personally if Shepard is Renegade). Thane then talks to his son and makes things right with him. If the mission is completed, Thane will become a loyal member of Shepard's team.

Thane Krios is a possible romantic interest for a female Shepard in Mass Effect 2. He tells Shepard that he has not talked of his past to anyone until he met her, and that she is "very kind." If the player pursues the relationship further, Thane will admit his feelings for Shepard and call her "siha", one of the angels in Drell religion. Before the suicide mission, Thane will go up to Shepard's cabin and tell her that before he was diagnosed with his disease, he had no fear of death. But now that he has met Shepard, he is afraid of death and does not want to die. Thane begins to shed tears, but Shepard comforts him, and the two spend the night together.

Thane returns Mass Effect 3 provided he survived the events of Mass Effect 2. Thane appears in the Hospital on the Citadel, and tells Shepard he is now in the terminal stages of his illness and cannot join Shepard in the fight against the Reapers. Later on in the game Cerberus attacks the Citadel and Thane (if he was interacted with beforehand, otherwise Major Kirrahe will fill his role) assists Shepard in thwarting an assassination attempt on the salarian Councilor and is stabbed by assassin Kai Leng whom escapes. If neither Thane nor Kirrahe are alive, Leng will be successful in his assassination.

After the remaining Cerberus forces have been routed, Shepard visits Thane in the hospital where doctors tell Shepard that due to his blood loss and his illness is in the final stages, there is nothing they can do but make him comfortable as he dies. If Thane reconciled with Kolyat in Mass Effect 2, he will be present by his father's deathbed, and Thane asks him and Shepard to recite a prayer. As Kolyat and Shepard recite the prayer, Thane passes away. Shepard tells Thane that s/he hopes the prayer helped him find peace. Kolyat replies that Thane wasn't praying for himself, but for Shepard. Regardless of whether he stopped the assassination on the councilor or was not talked to before the attack, Thane's name added to the memorial wall in the Normandy, alongside other crew members who have fallen.

Thane is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Thane Krios is voiced by Keythe Farley.


Grunt is a tank-bred krogan that can be recruited as a squad member.

Initially, Shepard is meant to recruit Okeer, a krogan warlord and radical scientist who has been developing a small army of krogan to weather the Genophage. When Shepard arrives to recruit him, Okeer is working for the Blue Suns mercenary group: they provide the funding for his genetic research, and in exchange he gives them his "reject" krogan as soldiers or live ammo subjects. In the process of doing so, however, he became increasingly obsessed with creating the "perfect" krogan. By the time Shepard and crew blast through the Blue Suns' defenses, their leader decides to pull the plug on the project and gases Okeer's lab. Though Shepard and crew defeat the Blue Suns leader, it is too late to save Okeer, who leaves Shepard with a tank containing his "legacy", his "perfect krogan". If and when Shepard decides to awaken him, the krogan recalls Okeer's last words and chooses one of them, "Grunt", as his name. While initially hostile towards Shepard, he can be persuaded or intimidated into working for Shepard.

In the mission to gain Grunt's loyalty, Shepard must travel to the post-apocalyptic krogan homeworld, Tuchanka. Shepard and the team arrive in the Urdnot clan's bunker; here it is revealed that Grunt is coming of age and must perform a ceremonial rite to gain admission to a clan. As a member of Shepard's crew, Grunt selects Shepard as his krantt—a krogan's loyal brother-at-arms. During the ritual, Shepard's squad must survive attacks by varren and ultimately survive a Thresher Maw on foot. Defeating it will earn the "Big Game Hunter" medal and earn renown for the team: they are the first to defeat the Maw since Urdnot Wrex. After surviving or defeating the thresher maw, Grunt is inducted into Clan Urdnot, and attains the name Urdnot Grunt. Instead of staying on Tuchanka, Grunt continues to serve under Commander Shepard, whom he names as his battlemaster.[10]

Urdnot Grunt makes an appearance in Mass Effect 3 if he survives the events of the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. He appears leading "Aralakh Company", an elite squad of Krogan spec-ops troops culled from the very best of all of the clans. He accompanies (not playable) Shepard's squad on a short series of missions that result in the finding of either the Rachni Queen from Noveria, provided she survived the events of Mass Effect, or an artificial Rachni Queen. If the Rachni Queen was saved, Grunt personally holds off several Ravagers to cover Shepard's escape. If he wasn't loyal in Mass Effect 2, and had not attained "Urdnot" as a clan-name, he will be killed; if he was, he survives and contributes to the war effort. Grunt doesn't join the Normandy crew, but will be encountered again shortly before the penultimate battle in Reaper-ravaged London on Earth.

Grunt is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3; his name will be engraved in the memorial wall on the Normandy as "Urdnot Grunt", if he was loyal but did not survive the suicide mission.

Grunt is voiced by Steve Blum.

Mordin Solus

A brilliant salarian scientist, yet also a competent soldier due to his membership in the salarian Special Tasks Group earlier in his life, Mordin Solus is found on Omega and possesses a hyperactive and eccentric personality as well as a rapid and stilted manner of speaking. He is often considered by many to be a "mad scientist" with questionable ethics—he was a key member in the team that researched the remodification of the krogan genophage, an action that he feels guilty about but considers the best possible solution to a once growing problem. Mordin believes in acting in the best interests of the galaxy; his scientific work is governed by strong moral standards and unquestionable respect for all forms of life. Acquiring Solus will open up the research laboratory on the Normandy, where Shepard may unlock and research upgrades for both the squad and the Normandy. Kelly Chambers describes Solus as a "hamster on coffee" due to his rapid speech and thought processes.

Solus' loyalty quest involves Maelon Heplorn, a former assistant and student who has apparently been kidnapped by Blood Pack mercenaries. Shepard and Solus head to Tuchanka, where they battle through the hospital-bunker of an opposing clan of the Urdnot Clan. The team learns that Solus' student had not been kidnapped at all and had been willingly researching a cure for the krogan genophage. Depending on the player's choices, Mordin may or may not kill his former student, and may either destroy the genophage cure data or keep the data for later use when necessary.

If Shepard proceeds with a romantic relationship with a crew member, Mordin will offer advice to ensure that Shepard and the crew member have a safe and pleasurable experience. However, Mordin himself is not a romantic option, though if Shepard speaks to him several times with no love interest chosen, Mordin will misinterpret Shepard's friendliness and politely decline. If prompted, he will also note that he has an interest in the works of Gilbert and Sullivan and will sing an altered version of the Major-General's song from The Pirates of Penzance.

Mordin Solus returns in Mass Effect 3, providing he survived the suicide mission in the previous game. After defeating the Collectors, Mordin returned to STG as a special consultant, whilst also working as an inside source for Clan Urdnot. If Maelon's research data was saved, he uses it to aid in the treatment of the surviving female krogan codenamed Eve, the only survivor of his student's experiments. He is encountered on the salarian homeworld, Sur'Kesh, when Shepard is sent there to aid in the evacuation of the female.

If players choose to go through with the cure, Shepard warns Mordin that the Shroud (a construct the salarians created to help cleanse Tuchanka's atmosphere) they plan to use to disperse the cure was tampered with by the salarians years ago and is now suffering from terrible damage due to the Reaper attack. Mordin volunteers to go to the top of the Shroud to fix the sabotaged systems knowing he wouldn't be coming back. Shortly after fixing the system and dispersing the genophage cure, Mordin is killed by an explosion in the Shroud control room. If players choose to hide the information about the sabotage, they have the option of warning Mordin about it, or preventing him from dispersing the cure. If the latter is chosen, Mordin will choose to cure the genophage; a Renegade interrupt may be taken to kill him. Regardless of whether the genophage was cured or not, Mordin's name is added to the memorial on the third floor of the Normandy of all the crew members who've died. Alternatively, if Urdnot Wreav leads the krogan, and Eve died from complications due to the lack of Maelon's data, Mordin can be convinced that curing the genophage will repeat the Krogan Rebellions. If the player passes this check, Mordin will agree to fake his own death and lend his support to the Crucible project.

If Mordin died in Mass Effect 2, his role is replaced by Padok Wiks.

Mordin is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Mordin Solus is voiced by Michael Beattie in Mass Effect 2, and voiced by William Salyers in Mass Effect 3.


A nearly thousand year old Asari Justicar, Samara is highly skilled in her use of biotics. A member of a highly respected and feared monastic order, Samara has forsworn all possessions and family to fight for absolute justice. She is on a quest to track down her elusive daughter, who has been killing innocents for hundreds of years by burning out their nervous systems during sexual encounters. Shepard meets Samara on Illium, where she is found investigating the Eclipse mercenary group who smuggled her daughter off-world. After Shepard aids in said investigation, Samara joins him/her.

Samara's loyalty quest involves her daughter, Morinth, who is an Ardat-Yakshi, an asari afflicted with a genetic condition that makes them aggressive sexual predators and voracious killers. Morinth may be found on Omega, in the V.I.P. section of the Afterlife. Samara and Shepard formulate a plan in which Shepard attracts the attention of Morinth and is taken to her apartment, where Shepard is to distract Morinth until Samara moves in for the kill. Depending on the player's actions, either Samara or Morinth will be killed, and the survivor will stay with the team and be loyal to Shepard.

Samara returns in a small role in Mass Effect 3, providing she survived the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. Shepard encounters her while investigating the disappearance of asari commandos at a monastery home to Ardat-Yakshi. Shepard discovers that the monastery is under attack by Reapers, who are turning the asari into husk-like monsters called Banshees. Shepard encounters Samara while investigating the monastery; she reveals that she is looking for her other two daughters in hopes of finding out what happened. Shepard and Samara manage to locate her daughters, and discovers one has been wounded and is under the influence of Reaper indoctrination. Shepard activates a bomb the asari commandos brought and manages to escape with Samara and her surviving daughter. Her wounded daughter manages to break free of Reaper control and holds the Reaper forces off long enough to trigger the bomb sacrificing herself. Once outside, Samara tells her daughter that the Justicar Code forbids an Ardat-Yakshi living outside the monastery and since there is no monastery she must die. However Samara cannot bring herself to kill her only remaining child, so she chooses to kill herself instead. If the player triggers the Paragon Interrupt, Shepard restrains Samara and her daughter states that she will stay behind at the monastery. Samara, grateful to Shepard, promises to assist the Commander in the war effort. If Samara killed herself, or did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2, Shepard may choose to either spare or kill her daughter.

Samara is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if she did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Samara is voiced by Maggie Baird. Her face was modeled after Rana McAnear.


Morinth is the biotic, fugitive daughter of Samara, the Asari Justicar. She is an Ardat-Yakshi or "Demon of the Night Winds." Ardat Yakshi are asari with a gene mutation that causes them to ravage the nervous systems of anyone with whom they mate. The process acts as a narcotic to the Ardat-Yakshi while leaving the mate dead or in a vegetative state. Samara is pursuing Morinth in order to end her reign of terror. Morinth will only join Shepard's mission if he or she chooses the Paragon/Renegade dialog options and helps Morinth trap Samara so that Morinth can execute her, disguising herself as her mother so that only Shepard knows of Samara's death. Otherwise, Samara kills Morinth. If she joins the mission, Morinth is a possible romance option for Shepard, although it results in his or her death.

Provided she survived the events of Mass Effect 2, Shepard receives an e-mail from Morinth, explaining that she slipped off the ship following the events of Arrival, as she didn't want to endanger herself or Shepard by possibly being revealed as an Ardat-Yakshi in the middle of Alliance Headquarters.

Following the events of the mission to Lessus, Liara's network intercepts a couple of (unopened) e-mails from Morinth to her sisters.

Morinth reappears in the final battle in London as a named Banshee. She behaves no differently from any other Banshee and must be killed the same way.

Morinth is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if she did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2.

Morinth is voiced by Natalia Cigliuti. Her face was modeled after Rana McAnear.


Legion is the adopted name given to synthetic intelligence Geth Platform 2A93, a unique geth terminal with 1,183 active geth A.I. programs forming a gestalt consciousness housed inside it. Legion belongs to the true geth (the geth fought in both games are referred to as "heretics", and do not represent the geth majority, who believe that organic life does have the right to exist). EDI gives the platform the name "Legion" based on the Gospel of Mark 5:9, wherein a man who is possessed by demons refers to himself by saying "My name is Legion, for we are many". Legion is separated from the geth at large, having been created as a stand-alone unit since Shepard's destruction of Sovereign, investigating the worlds Shepard visited — Eden Prime, Therum, Feros, Noveria, Virmire, Ilos, and a dozen uncharted worlds. Eventually, it found the Normandy SR-1's wreckage on the planet Alchera, and learned of Shepard's death. It is a skilled hacker and marksman and generally prefers long-range combat, as it is first spotted protecting Shepard's squad from attacking Husks with a sniper rifle on board a derelict Reaper. It has a certain fascination with Shepard, and previously repaired itself from damage sustained on Eden Prime with pieces of Shepard's old N7 armour from the Normandy's crash site. When Shepard asks Legion why it did this, it becomes evasive, first rationalizing with "there was a hole" and then states "no data available" when pressed on why it didn't repair itself sooner, or with something else. Unlike other geth, which contain roughly a hundred geth identities within each unit, Legion possesses over a thousand geth identities. This was done in order to grant Legion with independence from the geth network, as the usual amount of geth programs housed in a platform would amount to little more than feral behaviour without the aid of the neural network.

Legion's primary mission was to find Shepard as well as destroy a virus capable of turning all geth into heretics. In the mission to gain Legion's loyalty, Shepard must travel to a heretic station and either choose to destroy all heretic geth or to reprogram their own mind-altering virus so that the they will rejoin the true geth. After completing the mission, Legion will become loyal to Shepard and will eventually reveal that the heretics decided to help Sovereign in the original Mass Effect in order to receive a Reaper body so that all geth could upload themselves and join together into a single consciousness. The true geth believe that all life should achieve their future through their own means and that the process is as important as the results. Legion reveals that the true geth intend to do this by building a massive Dyson Sphere. After completing Tali's loyalty mission, Shepard is summoned to the A.I. Core where Tali is holding Legion at gunpoint, stating that she caught it hacking data on the Migrant Fleet from her omni-tool. Legion admits to the attempted theft, but counters by saying that it is only trying to get data about the anti-geth weaponry Tali's father was developing. If the player's Paragon/Renegade rating is high enough, Shepard can defuse the situation by convincing both Tali and Legion that the revelation of this information would only cause a war between the geth and the quarians; a war that would leave both races more vulnerable during the impending Reaper invasion. If the player chooses to side with Tali, Legion's loyalty can be won back immediately after the conclusion of this scene by convincing it that Shepard only sided with Tali in the interests of saving time. Since a logical solution like this is similar to something the geth would do, Legion will accept Shepard's explanation at face value and its loyalty will be regained.

Legion returns in Mass Effect 3 if it survived the suicide mission from the previous game. After defeating the Collectors, Legion returned to the geth consensus in the Perseus Veil and revealed its evidence on the imminent return of the Reapers, and began preparations for war. Regardless of whether the heretics were rewritten or destroyed, the quarians, in an attempt to retake Rannoch, their homeworld, attacked first. They destroyed the mega-structure, which was still under construction and had a significant number of geth programs installed. However, due to a lack of surplus hardware, not all programs could be saved. With their intelligence dimmed and survival taking precedence among the geth, they choose to make a deal with the Reapers, allowing themselves to be controlled with Reaper code to grant them greater intelligence and fighting ability, believing the cost of their free will an acceptable price to avoid extinction. Legion is then captured by the heretics, who use it to broadcast the Reaper signal to all geth from a dreadnought, even to those beyond the Veil. Shepard rescues Legion, who assists Shepard in wreaking chaos on the geth fleet by using an improved organic-machine interface from Project Overlord which allows Shepard to enter the geth collective and sever their connection to the Reapers, throwing their fleet into disarray.

Prior to attacking the geth base on Rannoch, Legion reveals that it has the Reaper code in its platform. After assisting Shepard in destroying the Reaper leading the attack on the Rannoch, Legion attempts to upload the Reaper upgrades to the geth to give them true intelligence and consciousness, but with free will. However the code is incomplete, and the only way to prevent the quarians from slaughtering the geth is for it to disperse its own code throughout the collective, effectively deactivating it. If the Commander attempts to stop the upload, Legion will attack Shepard, stating that Shepard "will not decide the fate of its people", and is destroyed by Tali/Admiral Raan. Alternatively, if certain conditions are met in both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Shepard and Tali convince the quarians to break off their attack after being told the geth do not seek to harm them, and that a geth sacrificed itself to give the quarians their world back. If the player passes this check, Legion, in its final moments, refers to itself as "I" and not "we", signifying that it has become a true individual rather than a gestalt intellect. Tali tells Legion that the answer to the question the geth asked centuries ago, if they had souls, was "yes". It then thanks her for her understanding, then deactivates. Regardless of how the situation between the quarians and the geth is resolved, Legion's name is engraved on the memorial wall on the Normandy.

If Legion was sold to Cerberus in Mass Effect 2, then it will appear as an enemy on Cronos Station, but does not act any differently from a Nemesis. Regardless of whether it was sold, did not survive the suicide mission, or was never activated, its role is replaced by a "Geth VI" constructed in Legion's likeness, with the non-standard elements (the N7 armor and the hole in its torso) recreated via hologram. Like Legion, it has 1,183 geth programs, but it has no memory of the events after Saren's attack on Eden Prime.

Legion is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if the AI did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Legion is voiced by D. C. Douglas.

Zaeed Massani

Zaeed is a human bounty hunter that is available in downloadable content that was shipped with the game on release, holding the reputation as the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter and co-founder of the Blue Suns mercenary group.. When joining Shepard's crew, Massani mentions a mission of which he would greatly appreciate the completion, if Shepard has any free time. There is no small amount of animosity between Zaeed and the current leader of the Blue Suns, Vido Santiago, the latter having shot the former in the face during an argument about whether or not to hire batarians. Zaeed was against the plan, as he saw them as terrorists. Shepard can go with Massani to the Blue Suns' base after the death of Santiago, or rescue a group of innocents from the base.[11][12]

Zaeed Massani makes an appearance in Mass Effect 3, if he survives the events of Mass Effect 2. A few months after the defeat of the Collectors, Zaeed was contacted once again by Cerberus. However, negotiations ended badly and Zaeed now seeks out jobs that hinder his former employer's operations.

After the Cerberus coup on the Citadel, C-Sec gets a tip that the volus ambassador, Din Korlack, was feeding information to the organization. Korlack, who allied with Cerberus during their campaign against the Collectors, cut ties to the organization after the coup. He was kidnapped by mercenaries led by Zaeed, and is contacted by Shepard, who gives Korlack information that causes Zaeed to realize that he was duped, turning the latter against his partners. If Zaeed was not loyal in Mass Effect 2, he will die saving Korlack; otherwise, he will survive and assist in the war effort.

Zaeed is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Zaeed Massani is voiced by Robin Sachs.

Kasumi Goto

A human character obtained through downloadable content in Mass Effect 2, Kasumi is a master thief whom Shepard recruits on the Citadel on Cerberus's behalf. However, Goto wants Shepard to help her steal back her deceased partner/lover's "graybox", a device containing his memories, some which could implicate the Alliance if it gets into Citadel's hands, from Donovan Hock, an arms dealer responsible for his death. Goto gets Shepard into Hock's party using an alias ("Solomon Gunn/Allison Gunn") in order for her to break into Hock's vault (as well as stashing weapons inside a statue of Saren given to Hock as a "gift"). After getting a voice and DNA sample from Hock as well as cutting the power, the pair successfully break into the vault, arming themselves with the weapons hidden inside the statue of Saren. Goto finds her partner's graybox amongst the vault of priceless artifacts, including the Statue of David and the Statue of Liberty's head. Hock discovers them and orders his men to attack. Goto and Shepard fight their way outside where Hock is waiting for them in his gunship. Hock is killed in the battle and the pair escape. Goto listens to her partner and boyfriend's message, telling her if she receives this message, then he is dead. He tells her to destroy the graybox, as it contains information that could implicate the Alliance if it falls into Citadel hands as well as making her a target. He also tells Kasumi that he loves her and that she doesn't need his "memories" as they are already inside her. Goto either spares or destroys the information based on Shepard's choice, and if it is decided it needs to be destroyed, either Shepard or a tearful Kasumi will.

Kasumi returns in Mass Effect 3, provided she survived the events of Mass Effect 2. She reappears on the Citadel, giving an anonymous tip to salarian Spectre Jondum Bau, who has been trying to catch her for years, about hanar operatives being aware of an Alliance black ops raid in batarian space. Kasumi helps Shepard and Bau track down the hanar responsible, who has defected to the Reapers and uploaded a virus to disable Kahje's defenses. She stops the virus, but the console was booby-trapped, and appears to be killed when it explodes. If Kasumi was loyal, she reveals that the information about the raid was the dangerous secret hidden in Keiji's graybox. She also explains that the raid was carried out on batarians who have come across Reaper technology, which was why Keiji warned that it would implicate the Alliance. Furthermore, she will also reveal herself after the console's explosion, saying it was a perfect way to escape Bau's pursuit. She then agrees to lend her assistance to the Crucible project.

Kasumi is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if she did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Kasumi Goto is voiced by Kim Hoy.


The product of a Cerberus experiment to enhance human biotic ability, Jack (designated "Subject Zero" by Cerberus) carries a hostile personality that is the result of the torture and captivity she endured while she was imprisoned at a remote Cerberus outpost during her childhood. She later escaped and became involved in crime, murder, and religious cults, all in an attempt to find some meaning for the horrible treatment she was forced to endure.

Jack's loyalty quest involves her finding some closure from her past; she asks Shepard to take her to the facility where she was raised and blow it up. Shepard and Jack travel to the abandoned facility, disrupt mercenary activity there, and destroy the facility. If both Jack and Miranda's loyalty missions have been completed, a fight ensues between Jack and Miranda, which Shepard must quell. If the player has a high enough Paragon or Renegade score, he/she can stop the fight. The later in the game that the fight occurs, the more likely it can be resolved in a neutral manner. Otherwise, he/she is forced to side with either Jack or Miranda, causing the other to lose her loyalty to Shepard unless he/she later speaks with her and passes a difficult Charm/Intimidate check.

Jack is available as a romantic option for male Shepard and can be approached two ways: either a one-night stand that leaves her distrustful of Shepard, or slowly gaining her trust, revealing a more vulnerable side to her personality. She tells Shepard of a man that she once loved in the past who died, leaving her with a sort of "survivors guilt". Shepard tells Jack that he will not give up on her, something that initially confuses her but she warms up to. En route to the final mission, she comes to Shepard in his cabin, tells him she has been thinking a lot about him, and that he's right and she needs someone. Jack gives in, and shows a very vulnerable and emotional side. Tears roll down her face as a tender scene ensues, culminating with her smiling peacefully while they lie together on his bed, and she finally achieves true happiness.

Jack appears in Mass Effect 3, if she survives the events of suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. After defeating the Collectors, she was approached by the Systems Alliance and was offered a teaching position at the Jon Grissom Academy's Ascension Project to train biotic students. She accepted, though she was forced to tone down her behavior and profanity, and officially joined the staff under the alias "Jacqueline Nought". She is present during the Cerberus attack on the station, defending her students from being captured. With Shepard's help, she, Kahlee Sanders, and the students managed to escape. Shepard can then decide to have the students support the Alliance's 103rd Marine Division, or send the students to war as an artillery unit. Regardless of the player's choice, Jack herself also assists in the war effort.

If brought along on the mission Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation, Liara reveals that Jack's real first name is Jennifer and offers to find out her real last name.

If Shepard does not help Grissom Academy in time, Jack and the students are abducted by Cerberus. During the raid on Cerberus' Cronos Station headquarters, video footage of Jack being subjected to Cerberus surgery can be seen on one console, and in the room following that, one of the Phantoms is revealed after its defeat to have been Jack.

Jack is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if she did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 & 3; her name will be engraved in the memorial wall on the Normandy as Jacqueline Nought, a pseudonym she used at least once in the past.

Jack is voiced by Courtenay Taylor.


EDI is the Normandy SR-2's artificial intelligence, represented visually by a holographic blue sphere and an aurally feminine voice. She serves as the Illusive Man's eyes and ears and the ship's electronic warfare defense. Because of the potential dangers of a rogue AI, she was given behavioral blocks and cannot access parts of the ship's systems. Her name stands for Enhanced Defense Intelligence.

In Mass Effect 2, Joker is initially hostile to EDI. Resentful of an onboard AI being able to operate on "his ship", the two engage in a war of sorts, ranging from Joker greasing the cameras to EDI spinning his seat against his will. Eventually, they begin to have a grudging respect for each other. Their relationship is put to the test when the Reaper IFF disables the Normandy, forcing Joker to release EDI's programming shackles. After he does so, EDI gains full control of the Normandy, including gaining access to "anti-Reaper algorithms". She also reveals that she was designed, in part, from technology salvaged from Sovereign. Despite her full control over the Normandy, EDI remains loyal to her crew.

In Mass Effect 3, EDI's avatar is no longer present. She aids the crew in evading the Illusive Man by blocking his technicians' access to the Normandy's systems. Later, on Cronos Station, in a video log, it reveals that when Cerberus tried to reactivate the shackles, EDI overloaded the attacking servers with seven zettabytes of "explicit images" belonging to Joker. When the Normandy SR-2 is placed in Alliance possession, she pretends to be a simple virtual intelligence to hide her true nature to avoid deactivation.

On Mars, Shepard's team recovers a Cerberus synthetic, Eva Coré, to be analyzed. EDI assists in doing so, and in the process, struggled with the synthetic, but gained control of it in the process, allowing her to serve as squadmate on missions. Her relationship with Joker develops further, and, at Shepard's suggestion, may convince the two to start a romantic relationship.

As revealed in another video log in the Cerberus headquarters, EDI was created from the rogue Hannibal-class VI on Luna with the salvaged Reaper technology.

If Shepard chooses to control the Reapers or the synthesis of all organic and synthetic life, EDI will be present in the ending cutscene. If Shepard destroys all synthetic life, EDI perishes along with all other synthetics throughout the galaxy and her name is added to the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck.

EDI is voiced by Tricia Helfer.

James Vega

James Vega is a human Systems Alliance Marine and Commander Shepard's squad member as of 2186, in Mass Effect 3. While Vega is an experienced soldier, he is unfamiliar with the seedy underbelly and political workings of the galaxy.

James Vega joins the Systems Alliance Marines at Camp Pendleton in 2176 following the encouragement of his uncle, Emilio Vega. Upon returning home, his father Joshua Sanders sends him to pick up a package in San Diego. After obtaining the package from a shady dealer, the police move in and pursue James across the city. James escapes by slipping into a restaurant and blending in with the staff.

After bringing the package of drugs to his father, James' dreams of a military career are almost dashed when Josh threatens to tell the military what he did that night so that James will be forced to stay with him and serve as his errand boy. Later, Emilio finds James on the beach outside his home and reveals he knew what happened, and that Josh won't dare talk to the military because he would implicate himself in the drug deal. Emilio tells James that only he can choose how to live his life. James goes on to be accepted by the Alliance and becomes a Marine.

Early in his career, Vega was stationed on the remote colony of Fehl Prime with Delta Squad, an Alliance special forces unit. When the Collectors attack, determined to capture the population, Vega and his squad were tasked with protecting the civilians.[13]

Some time after the aftermath on Fehl Prime, Vega takes up residence in Omega playing cards in bars. During a game, a broadcast regarding Commander Shepard's actions during the events of Arrival and the galaxy's reactions airs on a nearby vidscreen. As a reporter relates how batarian officials have called for Shepard's head, Vega calmly tears the screen off the wall, telling the bartender to pay for the damages with his winnings.

The group of batarians he has been playing cards with take umbrage at the act, accusing Vega of being a "Shepard Lover". The Marine proceeds to defend himself against the attacking batarians with the damaged screen and a knife before escaping. Midway through his escape, he encounters Admiral Anderson. The Admiral comments on the difficulty he endured while trying to find Vega, and orders the Lieutenant to clean up and follow him. Anderson tells Vega to "get over" the incident on Fehl, and reveals that he has a job for Vega. Vega promptly refuses, claiming he doesn't wish to do so and defiantly demands why Anderson simply doesn't toss him into the brig and be done with it.

Anderson explains that Vega's job is close, as he has recruited the Marine to guard the brig and its sole prisoner: Commander Shepard.[14]

James Vega was tasked to escort Shepard to an Alliance defense committee hearing, but the hearing is interrupted when the Reapers attack Earth. Vega and Ashley/Kaidan (depending on who survived Virmire) retrieve the Normandy and pick Shepard up from Earth; Anderson convinces Shepard to leave Earth until Shepard can gather allies from the other races. Vega, however, is displeased with this decision and does not wish to leave Earth; unfortunately for him, Shepard overrules him since with their current resources they cannot realistically drive the Reapers away from the Earth at the time. Vega is still displeased but lets the matter drop in favor of professionalism.

The first time Shepard visits James Vega in the Shuttle Bay after returning to the Normandy from the Citadel, Vega and Shepard will eventually get into a sparring match, during which Vega reveals that his old CO, Captain Toni, a "hard-assed son of a bitch" but a "good leader" in Vega's words, was killed along with most of Vega's squad while the squad was protecting a civilian colony from a Collector attack. The leadership vacuum left by Captain Toni falling in battle was left to Vega himself, and Vega had to make a choice between saving the colony or saving the intel the squad had recovered that could be used to destroy the Collectors. Vega chose to save the intel, but found out far too late that his choice was rendered completely unnecessary since Shepard managed to destroy the Collector threat without the intel Vega saved, which meant that Vega allowed the colony to die for nothing. In the present during the sparring match, Shepard expresses worry that Vega is blaming himself unnecessarily for what happened to the colony, and Shepard believes, based on Vega's reckless stunt with the shuttle back on Mars, that because of his guilt Vega has ceased to care whether he lives or dies. Shepard advises Vega that he needs to get past that past incident and stay focused.

After Shepard invites Vega to captain's cabin using the intercom, Vega will explain that he has been approached with an offer from the Systems Alliance to undergo N7 training. However, Vega is unsure whether or not to accept the offer since N7 training is a lot of work, and Vega humbly wonders why he was even approached, given his past failure, hence the private conversation. Shepard can either encourage Vega to go for it without hesitation or tell him that such a decision should not be taken lightly.

Either way, however, eventually Shepard can meet Vega in the refugee camp getting something tattooed on his shirtless back. Upon being queried, Vega explains that he eventually decided to accept N7 training after all, and is getting a tattoo on his back to celebrate the occasion. Shepard can either congratulate him or admonish him not to take N7 training lightly since it's a lot of work; then, Shepard will ask Vega if he can return to duty given the tattoo. Vega responds that it's true that he's not looking forward to putting his armor back on after getting a tattoo on his back but the pain will not prevent him from being part of Shepard's squad.

James is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he did not survive the events of Mass Effect 3.

James Vega is set to be the main focus of the Mass Effect anime movie, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.[15]

James Vega is voiced by actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. in Mass Effect 3. It was announced on the films Facebook page that Freddie Prinze, Jr. would be reprising his role in the film.[16]


Javik is the sole survivor of the Prothean race. He commanded a strong and loyal crew until they were indoctrinated and turned on him. Eventually, Javik tracked down his crew and slit their throats, watching them bleed to death to be certain. Like Zaeed and Kasumi, Javik is only available through downloadable content.

In Prothean society, there were many "avatars" who embodied a virtue for the society. He is one of those avatars, and his virtue is vengeance. Supposedly, Javik was to be the leader of hundreds of thousands of strong warriors to survive the cull via stasis in underground bunkers on Eden Prime. His mission was simple: outlast the invasion in stasis, and once he was awoken, lead the other warriors in a campaign to reclaim the galaxy. Unfortunately, indoctrinated traitors in their ranks fouled that plan - in the end, only he survived, the supervising VI Victory allowing his stasis pod to have priority in power distribution.

50,000 years later, during 2186 CE, Javik's pod was uncovered and opened by Commander Shepard and Liara T'Soni, who were investigating Cerberus activity on Eden Prime. Javik reacted with shock that everything he knew was gone. He agreed to join Shepard in destroying the Reapers, vowing he will not rest until the last Reaper is dead. However, Javik did not hide his surprise that "primitive" races the Protheans once studied were now the dominant galactic power, nor could he provide insight into the Prothean device dubbed Crucible and the final piece called the Catalyst.

If brought to Thessia during the Reaper attack, Javik will reveal to Liara that the Protheans were involved in the early asari's development, such as deflecting asteroid strikes from the oravores (which the asari attribute to the goddess Athame defending Thessia from the jealous gods) and their natural ability to use biotics. Aboard the Normandy, Liara confronts Javik in his quarters over this realization and will attempt to attack him. Shepard can intervene or let Liara walk away. If the former is chosen, then the two will slowly begin to respect each other.

Later, Javik can be persuaded to touch his memory shard, which starts off mildly but then quickly takes him back to traumatic events. Afterwards, he talks about how he commanded a crew like Shepard does and their subsequent indoctrination.

In London, if he does touch the memory shard, he will tell Shepard that if he survives, he plans to return to the place where his comrades died so that he may take his own life and join them. If he doesn't, he says that because his life has been nothing but war he will look forward to what peace would be like, and mentions co-authoring a book on the Protheans with Liara, seeing as how with the Reapers gone he would be out of a job. If he didn't touch the shard, and the confrontation between Liara and Javik was not resolved, he plans to live amongst the hanar as a king.

Javik is listed on the Normandy SR-2's memorial wall on the Crew Deck, if he chooses to join his comrades and end his own life.

Javik is voiced by Ike Amadi.


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