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Recovery Is Possible
Company / developer Kent Robotti
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Latest stable release 13.7 / January 15, 2012; 4 years ago (2012-01-15)
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux)
Default user interface Command-line interface or X11
Official website

Recovery Is Possible is a small, specialized Linux distribution based on Slackware[2] that includes system maintenance and recovery applications on a live CD or USB flash drive[1][2]. The RIP disc comes in two flavors: one with the X Window System and one without. The X-capable version does not require X to be started at boot-up; it can be started at any time after booting without the server. The main purpose of X under RIP is to provide the capability to run GParted, a disk partition management program, and Mozilla Firefox, a web browser. Xine is also included for watching movies on DVD.

Common uses of RIP include: [3]

  • TestDisk to recover deleted partitions, by ignoring the MBR and checking cylinders for known filesystem structures (such as FAT, NTFS, ext2/3/4, ReiserFS 3/4, XFS, etc.)
  • PhotoRec to recover deleted files (not only photos) by ignoring the filesystem and checking disk blocks for known file types
  • fdisk, cfdisk, parted, and GParted (with the X11 version) for partition management
  • ntfsprogs (ntfsresize, ntfsclone, ntfsfix, mkntfs, etc.) in order to resize, backup/restore, schedule a CHKDSK at Windows boot-up, and perform other operations on NTFS filesystems
  • GNU ddrescue to recover data from failed media by copying data from one file or block device (hard disk, CD-ROM, floppy, etc.) to another, trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors.

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