Reborninfo is a registered company in Dalian, China. The full name of the company is “Dalian Reborn Information Technology Co., Ltd”. Its legal person is unknown. The company was registered in July, 2011 with the its core business in the field of mobile Internet industry, especially iPhone App development. Its staff size is unknown.

At the beginning of 2011, the company carried out App development projects for Android, iOS, Symbian operation systems mainly as an outsourcing supplier (usually called BPO, which also established Dalian as a leading city in software industry in the Northeast Asian region. [1] and provided development services of mobile Internet product to companies in other industries or to traditional IT companies. Due to factors such as the appreciation of the RMB and increases in labor costs resulted from China’s rising commodity and housing prices, Dalian‘s BPO industry gradually lost its profit margin and competitive advantages [2]). Reborninfo Ltd. thus transformed and started to develop iOS Apps independently in 2013. According to the most recent data, Reborninfo has launched two products to App Store: one is PowerGuard, available in all countries and regions; the other is PowerBox, only available in App Store (Japan). PowerGuard is an app that combines features of contacts backup, battery management tips and album encryption; while PowerBox is focused on iPhone photo protection and photo shooting assistant.


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