Real Kid Rap is an American Folk band from Bluefield, West Virginia. The band was formed in the summer of 2011, eventhough their earliest recordings are from the winter of the same year, and even includes the late vocalist D.J. KG screaming "Real Kid Rap!" The band has had five total members; vocalist D.J. KG, guitarist D.J. Slur, trombonist Grizzly, vocalist Hagrid, and vocalist Ringo. Real Kid Rap has been a moderate success in Bluefield. They're in negotiations with one of Bluefield's biggest stars right now, but they would like to keep the name private because of legal problems. Real Kid Rap is the owner of Real Kid Rap Records, which is ran by D.J. Slur. The label has another band named "P.S. Go F### Yourself." Unlike Real Kid Rap's calm folk sound, P.S. Go F### Yourself is heavy metal.


Real Kid Rap got it's name when D.J. KG screamed "Real Kid Rap" during one of his early freestyles. "It just kind of hits us after that," said guitarist D.J. Slur. "The name fit with everything we wanted to be." The original line up if the band was D.J. KG, D.J. Slur, and Grizzly. "The original lineup was probably the best, until we got Hagrid of course. The band began recording their first album, "The Basement Tapes", in July of 2011. The band had made it through two songs, Long Live Life and Einstein, when D.J. KG mysteriously died. The band quickly picked up Ringo. His rough and ragged voice didn't fit the band's style, and he only recorded Loco, November, and Alien with the band until he too passed away. This left Real Kid Rap with one option, pick up Hagrid, or quit the band and the unfinished album. Hagrid caught fire, and he recorded the rest of the album, and is still alive today. The album moved 87 copies, a considerable amount compared to what they thought it would. The hit song on the album was the single "Larry Bird", which incorporated folk and rap.

In between the release of "The Basement Tapes" and the recording of "Of All People", the band was able to do three concerts. The first two only involved D.J. Slur and Hagrid, and the last one involved a full lineup. The band went back into the studio and recorded "Of All People." It was a critical failure, and didn't sell well either. The band argues that it's "our best album to date. Probably the best thing we can pull off." It involved a rap song and even some experimental material. It was released on December 22, 2011. It has only moved 18 copies.

The interesting thing about Real Kid Rap is that every album is recorded in one week and released on the same week. The bands summer album for 2012 will be named "Sound of Sirens." It will include the current line up of D.J. Slur, Grizzly, and Hagrid. The band released it's only greatest hits album to date, "Greatest Hits Album," on Easter 2012. The band promised that their three album "trilogy" would end with "Sound Of Sirens", and they went on to say, "We don't know what that means yet." They've already completed a fourth of the album, and it should be released by September or October. When asked about the album, D.J. Slur said, "I'm pretty confident that this will be our breakout album. We've already recorded in a pool and are in negotiations with an accordion player, so this is about as experimental as we can get. Be prepared for something great."


Studio Albums

  • The Basement Tapes (2011)
  • Of All People (2011)
  • Sound Of Sirens (2012)

Live Albums

  • Live at the 401 (2011)
  • Fairfield Plaza (2011)

Compilation Albums

  • Greatest Hits Album (2012)


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