Reagan Pollart loves it when you call her Big Poppa. She's a thug you see, a certified thug who is straight up. She's living in a Gangster's Paradise. She sees some hunnies tonight that should be having her baby. Baby... Grams she had to measure... Tell your friends to get with my friends, we could be friends... Throw your hands in the aya if yous a true playa. Reagan prefers gray men to the ones of her own age group. Reagan is talking in third person and it's freaking her out. Reagan's best friend is Jonni, who needs to make a Wiki page in order to reach Reagan's coolness level. Reagan has a thundercloud scar upon her forehead from where she battled the evil Voldemella throughout seven years and defeated her at last. Ask Jonni for more details on that story. Reagan was playing hide-and-seek one evening when she hid inside of wardrobe and fell backwards into snow. Snow? Yes, snow. She wondered around until she came across this half goat half man named Mr. Tums who suffered from chronic heartburn. He took her back to his house, sounds like molestation, but don't worry, he merely drugged her and played music hoping to call the Queen but, at last second he awoke her and warned her to get away and she escaped back through the wardrobe. Reagan tried to tell the others about the strange world Gnarnia that she had discovered but, no one would believe her. Until one night Edmundo followed her into the wardrobe and met the White Wizard, much like Gandalf later on in the series, and Edmundo gets tricked into bringing everyone with him next time. Edmundo then gets kidnapped because he's stupid and it's up to Reagan, Petar, and Susanna to go rescue him. They meet the badgers and they help get them past the foxes. They then meet Aslana a female lion who represents God of course. She teaches them how to be great warriors and somehow Santa finds a way to deliver presents to them. Reagan and Susanna witness the White Wizard kill Aslana in a trade for Edmundo and cry a lot. Then the next day they wake up and BAM(!) Aslana comes back alive. Anyways, a huge battle goes down and the White Wizard is killed and everyone somehow survives. The End.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Reagan Pollart, that was deleted or is being discussed for deletion, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Author(s): TBrandley Search for "Reagan Pollart" on Google
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