The professor Rashad Mohammed Thabit Murad[1] [2] (1970 - ) one of the cosmetic dentistry scholar in the

Middle East. He is Syrian born in Riyadh. He graduated at Ibn Khaldoun the high school in 1987. He studied dentistry at Albaath university graduating in 1992

attaining the grade seventh of his colleagues. He recruited in military as dentist of veterans and thier families. He is married and he have four children their

names Mohammad Thabit , Abd Alrahman, Abd Almajeed and Shaheer

الدكتور رشاد مراد

Prof Dr Rashad Murad

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His studies

  • He studied in the institute of the administrative development
  • in Damascus University graduating in 1995 to become one of the early doctors expert in administration.

  • He specialized in public health coordinating with the WHO graduating in 1997. He appointed in the central administration in in the ministry of the health in

Syria. [3]

  • He studied pharmacy in Damascus University graduating in 1999 and he continued his studies to get master's degree and diploma in pharmacy

  • He attained PHD. in pharmacology in 2008 specializing in the science of the impact of the drugs. He attained his PHD. A+. His approach was "the effect of

the anti-oxidation in preventing of oral cancer". The panel of his PHD.was Iyad Alshatti the professor of the histopathology and the

previous of health minister, Antwan Allahham the professor of the pharmacy and the dean of the faculty of the pharmacy in Damascus University, Ramiz

Rustom the professor of the pharmacology in Albaath University and the previous dean of the faculty of the medicine, Azzam Aljundi the professor of the

orthodontists and the science research and he was the previos dean of the faculty of the dentistry and Sawsan Maddy the professor and the head of the

pharmacology and the toxicology in the faculty of the pharmacy in Damascus University. [4]

  • Holder of AL-BASEL prize for health science in 1999 and 2001.

His working life

  • director of oral health department in ministry of health on Syria and Head of Oral health program in Syria Syria in corporation with W.H.O between 2002 and


  • Professor in Damascus University in 2010

  • Chairman of Damascus Dental Association in 2006 till 2015 elected

  • President of Oral public health council (Syrian Board) in Ministry of health since 2008 till now.

  • He works in dentistry in Damascus since 1993 till now. Because he is expert in the cosmetic dentistry, he attained the membership of American Academy of

cosmetic dentistry since 2007 till now.

  • He established a large and an advanced center for dentistry its name is "Advanced Dental Care for Treatment & Cosmetic Dentistry (ADCD)" under his

supervision with medical team containing specialist dentists and experienced nurses. It provides all dentistry services the most important of it is the cosmetic

dentistry depending on new technologies since 2009 sitting at Damascus- Al Fahhameh Square Next to Daoud Pharmacy

  • He visited alot of Universities as a visiting doctor or a lecturer such as London University in Britain, Zyuh University in Switzerland, Copenhagen University in

Denmark, Vienna University in Austria, Oslo University in Norway, California University in the USA, Alrabat University in Morocco, Cairo University in Egypt and

Aleppo and University in Syria.

  • Lecturer in dentistry faculties in Damascus, Al-Baath, al-Kalamon and the international university.

His memberships


His memberships



  • He is one of the early Arab dentists who attaining the membership of American Academy of cosmetic dentistry AACD since 2007 [5]

  • Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantologists ICOI since October 2011 [6]

  • Member of reassessing committees for dental certifications in Ministry of health from 2002 to 2010 [3]

  • He is the member of the Syrian Assembly of the Implantologists

  • He is the member of the Amendment and Scrutiny Committee for whom
  • attaining certificates from aboard from 2002 to 2010

  • He is the member of the Advisory Board for the dentist Syndicate in Syria since 2006 till now [1]

  • He is the member of the Oral Medicine for Research and the Preventive Oral Medicine Committee since 1998 [2]

  • He is one of the Arab scholar who combining the dentistry, pharmacy, administration and public health together

His books

  • The Guidebook of the Pharmacology 2004

  • The Swine Flue between the Truth and the Illusion 2010 [7]

  • The World of the Dentistry 2012 (soon)

  • A lot of the medical and the social articles [8] [9][10]
  • Dr. Rashad Murad is one of the senior writer and blogger who is write in the different aspect of life social, political, and medical.

The Dental Advanced Care for the Cosmetic Dental Treatment (ADCD)

We believe of philosophy of treatment without pain through providing the relief to the patient and using protocols of the appropriate medicine. We provide the

exact treatment as soon as possible and in the proper price . All these services through the expert medical team. We offer

  • All orthodontistical and various oral surgical services

  • Therapeutic and preventive services for children and children with special needs

  • Advanced and immediate implant services for teeth and endodontic and restorative treatment

  • Cosmetic dental services and compensation with all types fixed or removable

  • Whitening modern systems accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Digital X-ray imaging systems helping to diagnose the case and documenting the outcome in addition ti the latest systems in sterilizing the toolsin the humid


Murad Bridge in Dentistry

Murad Bridge is a dental bridge that contains Murad pontic.

Murad pontic is a pontic -made of acryl- used in the dental metal porcelain

bridges. So it is a modification on the pontic used in the traditional metal

porcelain dental bridge. The modification is done by making the pontic of acryl instead of porcelain to

provide several advantages: The bridge will be less weight, the occlusal forces will

Be reduced on the abutments and tissue support will be provide for the

Abutments. Murad pontic is used as an alternative solution for the treatment of some special

clinical cases: Lack of bone support of dental abutments, Long bridges, Cantilever

bridge, Free Edentulous and dental implant. It is used to provide fixed

prosthodontics that reduce the occlusal forces on the abutments and reduce the

cost compared with the cost of dental implants.

So Murad pontic is a potential treatment solution for such special clinical cases.

اختراع الدكتور رشاد مراد - جسر مراد

Murad Bridge in Dentistry

برائة اختراع

Murad Bridge in Dentistry

Clinical Cases by Dr. Rashad Murad


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