Raphael Lapin

Raphael E. Lapin (born 1955) is a negotiation, mediation and communication expert currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is principal and founder of Conflict Management, Inc. — a conflict management and negotiation strategies training and consulting group that works with Fortune 500s, S&P 500s and governments — and leads the Lapin International negotiation and conflict resolution practice.

Lapin is best known for applying negotiation strategies developed at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation to help corporations and governments adopt a negotiation approach based on understanding, collaboration, mutual trust and relationship building. He is also known for introducing the use of mediation for negotiating transactions such as joint ventures and mergers.

Lapin is a licensed pilot and a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He volunteers for Angel Flight, an organization that flies patients from rural areas to medical centers for treatment. He also works with American Jewish World Service, where he contributes his negotiation and conflict resolution expertise in developing regions around the world.

Early Life And Education

Raphael Lapin was born and raised in South Africa. He studied in England and Israel in the 1970s, earning a B.A. in Talmudic Law and Anthropology from the Institute of Talmudic Law in Gateshead and an M.A. in Talmudic law, logic and analysis from the Brisk School of Advanced Talmudic Studies in Israel. He was also ordained as a rabbi.

In 1994, Lapin was one of 24 candidates accepted into Harvard Law School’s Advanced Mediation Program, where he studied under Roger Fisher and Robert Mnookin, who is known for shaping a resolution in the landmark dispute over operating system software between IBM and Fujitsu.[1] He earned specialty certificates in negotiation and advanced mediation studies from Harvard in 1996.

Professional career

Lapin founded Conflict Management, Inc., a consulting practice that provides negotiation strategy, advice and training to corporations and governments internationally, in 1995.[2] He delivers negotiation services to corporations, governments and other organizations through various channels including advising in live negotiations, customized learning and training systems and mentoring and coaching.

His company has assisted AT&T, British Telecom, Turner Construction, Yahoo!, Johnson Controls, the government of Qatar,[3] USAID, the U.S. Air Force and the State Department, among others.

In addition to negotiation strategies, Conflict Management, Inc. provides dispute and conflict resolution services and training using various processes such as facilitation, mediation, negotiation and dialogue.

Lapin is known for his practical application of negotiation strategies developed at Harvard Law’s Program on Negotiation, and for introducing the use of mediation for negotiating transactions such as joint ventures and mergers.

In addition to negotiation strategies, for ten years prior to founding Conflict Management, Inc. Lapin used mediation to resolve thousands of disputes encompassing the areas of intellectual property, construction, business, employment, medical malpractice, labor union issues, family law and conflicts involving multinational components where cultural differences often play a key role.

Lapin is approved by the State Bar of California to train lawyers in negotiation and mediation as part of their ongoing continuing education requirements. He is also a professional member of the Institute of Management Consultants and an advanced practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, an international organization based in Washington, DC.

In addition to his work in negotiation strategies and conflict resolution, Raphael is a well-known Talmudist and has lectured in advanced schools of Talmudic law in the United Kingdom and Israel.


Lapin is the author of Working with Difficult People, part of the DK Essential Managers Series commissioned by DK Publishers.[4]

He has contributed to American City Business Journals as a syndicated columnist on the topics of negotiation, communication and dispute resolution. His articles have also appeared in various publications including McGraw Hill’s California Construction [5] and Institute for Supply Management newsletters.


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