Range of Motion Project (ROMP) is a Chicago, Illinois-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit, providing prosthetic and orthotic care to those who do not have access to these services. It was founded in 2005 by David Krupa, CP, Eric Neufeld, CP, and Josh Kaplan. In 2009 Elizabeth Mallon replaced Josh Kaplan as director of the organization.

Operating under the banner "Amputees are not disabled because of a missing limb, but because of a missing prosthesis," the organization's mission is a more equal distribution of prosthetic and orthotic services in the world.

The Need

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 out of 10 people across the globe are living with a disability.[1] It further estimates that 80% of the world's amputees live in the developing world,[2] while only 2% of this population has access to care.[3]

In Guatemala specifically, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), along with the National Disability Council (CONADI) state that 12% of the total population in Guatemala consists of people with disabilities.

Project Facilities

The Range of Motion Project operates a permanent, self-sustaining, locally-staffed orthotic and prosthetic clinic (The Loren Jay Mallon Centro de Rehabilitacion) in Zacapa, Guatemala. The clinic and laboratory is staffed by local Guatemalan technicians and practitioners. The operations in Guatemala has its own Guatemalan Board of Directors, allowing for local direction and autonomy.

ROMP, also maintains facilities in Quito, Ecuador, has conducted work in Pakistan following the earthquake in October 2005 that devastated some 3.5 million homes, and has sent multiple teams of prosthetists, orthotists, and physical therapists to Haiti in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

As of September 2011, the ROMP clinic in Zacapa provided more than 1,400 custom-made prosthetic devices and thousands of orthotic devices.

In February 2011, ROMP Guatemala signed a contract with SOSEP agreeing to treat 300 amputees referred by this Guatemalan institute.

The ROMP clinic in Zacapa provides custom-made orthotic braces, prosthetic limbs, initial gait training and strengthening and refers patients for physical therapy services.


ROMP has launched several athletic-based fundraising initiatives since its founding with the goal of demonstrating the power of mobility.

In 2009, Greg Krupa cycled 740 miles from Kansas City, Missouri to Madison, Wisconsin, raising nearly $5,000 for ROMP.[4] This event became known as the inaugural "Riding for ROMP".

In 2010, Greg Krupa and Patrick Mathay cycled down the Pacific coast of North America, from Eugene, Oregon to ROMP's flagship clinic in Zacapa, Guatemala, for "Riding for ROMP 2010[5]". The kick-off event for this ride was attended by Oregon state senator Floyd Prozanski and the office of Oregon U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio, as well as an accompanying peloton of fifty cyclists who joined the pair on the first day's ride. On their journey for "Riding for ROMP 2010", Krupa and Mathay cycled 4,000 miles in 78 days, and raised $25,000 for ROMP operations.

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