Rainwater HOG is a modular water storage tank which can be used horizontally or vertically for Rainwater Harvesting, emergency water storage and post-filter greywater storage. Rainwater HOG was named a USA Top-10 Green Building Product in 2008 [1] and won a Spark Design Award [2] and two additional sustainable product awards, a California Home & Design award [3] and a Green Log Award [4] in 2009.

Rainwater HOG modules were used by David Gottfried, founder of the US Green Building Council, to achieve the USA's first LEED Platinum Home Remodel [5]. Gottfried used HOGs to store rainwater for flushing ultra-low-flush toilets, and additional HOGs to store filtered Greywater for use on the non-edible portion of the landscape.

The Rainwater HOG was designed by award-winning architectural innovator Sally Dominguez for use in tight spaces and is sized to allow designers and engineers to use the stored water as effective Thermal Mass inside a structure.

Rainwater harvesting with the Rainwater Hog

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