RainGlobes LLC is the company responsible for the invention and manufacture of the RainGlobe, marketed as "the globe that rains!" Unlike snow globes, RainGlobes are partially filled with water and similate real rainfall with their patented design.


In 2005, Basecamp Productions founder Josh James called his friend, entertainer Fred Northup. James asked, "Why do they sell snow globes in SeaTac airport when it rains in Seattle more than it snows?" Fred Northup and Josh agreed that, in the event Fred could invent a means by which it could rain in a globe, they would split the profits 50/50. Five years later, Fred engineered a solution. It was at this time when Fred reconnected with Lakeside School classmate Scott Larson. Scott Larson is the managing partner for Vashon Partners, an angel investment group and an advisory team for entrepreneurs based in the Pacific Northwest. The three of them officially founded RainGlobes LLC in 2007.

Release timeline

  • 2010 Wave 1— The first versions of RainGlobes were released in a joint-venture with Topline Products: Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Noah's Ark
  • 2012 Wave 2— Seattle (updated), Portland (updated), Washington State

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