Rahul P.S is the founder and CEO of Techtomo Social Media.A film school/Computer Programmer graduate from the University of Big Aims & Benchmark.He’s got a lot of experience & skill in the field of Programing,VFX,DP,Post Production & fashion Industry.His passion for Computer got him in to Tech and Entertainment industry,and then in to this one.He is also a Professional Modeling Fashion Photographer Who done so many Fashion Project and Portfolio's,Got several Awards.But he still wanted to stick with his Geek Life.So He founded the Techtomo Social Media Now More than 12 Employees are Working in Techtomo,Rahul use to covers SocialMedia and Tech Mostly in techtomo but often dabbles in other areas when the mood strikes.Still he is trying to learn so many things which is related to Film Making.Rahul's aim is to join and work in Hollywood Films and Still he is trying hard to get into that.

  • Born January 29, 1993
  • Location Thrissur, India 680005

Personal Information Well I am rahul.But people use to call me Ps.i am 19 years old a visual effect artist.i love photography and art.I likely to be very knowledge about the world around me.i love questioning about things i don't understand.i always prefer peace and quiet in my home and family are central to my life.i perform all my tasks in perfect order and planning.I like Being charitable.And I love My girl friend more than anything in this world ♥ and i trust in GOD.I love him so much.I always Feel that he is with me.I have 2 siblings One my Brother Rajan who is studying MCA in tamilnadu.and My sister.But i like my Brother more.We are like best friends.and Mom dad.Mom is so friendly to i use to share each and everything to her.I love her so much.and she do the same to me.and motivate me alot..and care like anything.I have few but good friends.Actually i have so many friends.but they are not close to me.And Yeah that's it :)

Personal Interests I like Reading Books alot..Actually i am really crazy in that.And now currently started writing my own book.well its about my life.i hope it will finish within one year.And Honestly i really addicted to PC and Mac i use to programme the computer,finding new techniques,troubleshooting,almost everything i do :).that much i am admired into computer.And I like Taking Photographs.its started with a small hobby but it turned to a Great passion because i am not only taking photographs i am telling stories throw the picture so i really passionate about photography.i always follow my this thought " Do what you like to do.what all You are doing is not your passion, Because You have nothing to lose.set career to give you a balance succesful life. balanced means ensuring your health,relationships,mental peace are all in good order.Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact " so i always feel like that i don't anything loose in my i always learn new stuff which i felt that's how i started My career.My social media blog and Photography community.And that how i become like this now :)

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