Rahul Doss Mysterio (Born 11 april,1999) was an Singer-songwriter,Rapper,Musician,Artist currently signed into R mysterio band working as singer-songwriter and rapper. his best performance was given in R Mysterio Band. he is now a rapper. He is famous in pop singing[1] He started his carrer at the school began to sing his favourite song Show Me the Meaning of Being lonely. And Later, He started to create his own song, The first song was best friend song dedicated to wwe wrestlers. His second song was I did a mistake. He also started to perform a rap song Let u know More and made his debut in his school. He mainly loved the all time WWE SUPERSTAR Rey Mysterio, Jr. and 10 WWE CHAMPION John Cena. He made His song Famous in 15/4/2012. He started to publish his song as soon as he possible. He is being a Rockstar


They started their carrer at school when they was 12 yrs old.They stood bravely against other teams and bands and defeated them. They included members and started a big band. They were officially students of Jawahar Vidyalaya,(Tamil nadu,India).They got their first appreciations at their school and secondly in the stages. They started to do above that they were the youngest band in the world. They proved to be a Rockstars.

R Mysterio Audition:2011

They started to take members in Auditions so that they can have a best singer and group of members to create a band. so they started at 9:00 clock morning at their school. They had 10 memebers but in at ones they had two members equally so they took 5 members in that they had two best singersRahul mysterio and Akkarsh. In that akkarsh is a Violenistand also a Singer. Rahul Mysterio is a best Singer-songwriter equal to of Akkarsh.They had one GuitaristNitin and one DrummerMurali. At last they got their band ready and they started...

I did a mistake(2012)

They started their First song at stages introducing Millinillion part of songs lines. but, sometime Rahul may struggle to rock because he always used sing a Melodic popbut at last he got the high pitch at raising to his maximum level of his voice. They started to tune the song and started their song when they sing the song something interrupted but they dont know hat happened during that time. so they saw what happened, the micof the singing role wasn't correct. They corrected that role and finished their song.They released their song at audio and made it hit song.

Never gone and ganesh's departures

They made their song hit and introduced in many audio's but when the time came to be famous rahul's true friend ganesh haven't before gone without rahul and they made many songs and released. but unfortunately his parents didn't leave him so he had to departure from him and from the band.when he was able to leave his best friend rahul came and cried to him that don't leave the band and me but he left.

R mysterio 2012 presents:

They made it locally hited the indian singing awards and got the name Famous and hited the name. They had the musicians a long days with them and the band. They had their names poping and at last they had rocking role in their life...



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