Raging Code monkeys also knows as RCM, is a sub-group of Anonymous. They started as part Anonymous but decided to also do their own hacktivism on the side without going through IRC and planning with other Anons on agendas. It has it's origins in 4chan since most of the original members of Anonymous started this organization by meeting on this imageboard, even though a lot of the hacktivism started when folks from got together. Just like it's mother group, ] it strongly opposes Internet censorship and surveillance, and have been involved in hacking various government and corporate websites. It has also targeted major security corporations, some of which have been ironically hired to investigate them. In 2008 their focus evolved into that of a hacktivist mentaliy, "a good people doing bad things to bad people" hive organization as opposed to the "doing it for the lulz" attitude they had before. They are the digital Robin hoods of this century. From taking down children porn sites, to reporting animal abuse, and recently targeting the Westboro Baptist Church when they decided to picket Sandy Hook Elementary School, this group as part of Anonymous are thought of as cyber freedom fighters. As opposed to anonymous who anyone can claim as being part of, Raging Code Monkeys have only a few members. The name Code Monkeys means merely a programmer who copies all code from other sources. It is their sarcastic and contemptuous attitude towards this kind of programmer that inspired the name since they are experienced hackers who write their own code and rarely use DDOS as their primary attack. RCM was started by a hacker with the code name Meme, shortly after recruited /bro, and Bastet. Since then they have recruited a number of others but still work in tune with Anonymous most of the time.

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