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Radyo Pilipinas (English: Radio Philippines) is a Philippine radio network owned by the Philippine Broadcasting Service.


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On March 1, 1996, Presidential Order No. 293 gave the birth of the government's flagship radio station: Radyo ng Bayan (People's Radio) via DZRB-AM.[1]

PBS announced that Radyo ng Bayan and its provincial AM stations will have a major rebranding, merging with the "Radyo Pilipinas" brand by June 5, 2017.[2] It was followed by the launching of Radyo Pilipinas 2 918 kHz on September 18, 2017. Radyo Pilipinas's overseas counterpart (DZRP), which originally used the brand since the 1990s, remained on-the-air but added "Worldwide" to avert confusion.


As the government's flagship radio station it serves as a medium of development communication, a conduit between the government and the people, aiming to mobilize all sectors of society towards development and nationalism. Live government news is aired here.

The current station manager of Radyo Pilipinas is Alan Allanigue, while the current station manager of Radyo Pilipinas Dos is Edgardo Satira.


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