Rachel de Azevedo Coleman is an American musician and actress. With her sister Emilie de Azevedo Brown, she helped to create the Signing Time! video series to teach children basic American Sign Language (ASL). Coleman also produces and directs the series. She is founder and CEO of Two Little Hands Productions.


Her father Lex de Azevedo is an American Mormon composer known primarily for his film scores. Lex's mother, and Rachel's grandmother is of Alyce King of The King Sisters. She and her father Lex de Azevedo won a Pearl Award in 2007 for songs they had done for children.[1]

As Rachel De Azevedo she has been credited in several episodes of Touched by an Angel.[2] Before moving out of the Los Angeles area, she performed with the band "We the Living" and appeared in the made-for-TV movie "Spring Fling".[citation needed]

In 1996, Rachel and her husband Aaron discovered that their oldest daughter Leah was deaf.[3] In 2001, Rachel teamed up with her sister Emilie to create Signing Time! - a children's video series that teaches basic ASL to children of all abilities. Signing Time was inspired by Leah. From the beginning, they have found that teaching her 'hearing' peers even a few basic signs builds bonds of friendship and community that every child needs.


Emmy Award Nomination - Rachel Coleman, host of Signing Time, was nominated for the "Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series," for the 35th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmys.[4]


  • Signing Time! Series 1 - Rachel (13 volumes)
  • Signing Time! Series 2 - Rachel (13 volumes)
  • Baby Signing Time! - Rachel (4 Volumes)
  • Practice Time! - Rachel (2 Volumes)
  • Potty Time! - Rachel (1 Volume)


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