REASON Podcast is a weekly live internet show produced by co-hosts Josh and Paul (Joshua Billingsley-Cooke and Paul Wittmeyer). The show's subject is stated by the hosts to be "a weekly discussion of events, current and historical, from a skeptical and rational perspective without theological bias." The show broadcasts every Sunday from Buffalo, NY. REASON Podcast is partnered with The Atheist Community of Buffalo and Western New York.

Within its first year on air, REASON Podcast has grown to have a fan base over social networking websites. Due to increasing public interaction with the show, the hosts have added a call-in phone number and user-driven show segments.

REASON Podcast Segments

REASON Podcast is split into segments including:

  • Reviews of scientific articles
  • Commentary on current or historical events
  • We Probably Don't Know What the Hell We Are Talking About - a segment devoted entirely to answering fan questions using the co-hosts' knowledge and past experiences.
  • You're Wrong and Let Me Tell You Why - a segment where the co-hosts partake in a battle of wits about a proposed subject. The host's stance on the subject is determined by a coin toss and may not represent the true opinion of the host.
  • An ending quote related to the show's weekly theme

Weekly Themes

An addition made to the show shortly after its creation, weekly themes were developed to let fans know what would be discussed in advance.

Themes for REASON Podcast to date:

  • Censorship
  • Buddhism
  • Spirits
  • Abortion
  • Religion and Politics
  • Aliens
  • Evolution
  • Atheists in Popular Culture
  • Information Resources
  • Atheists Helping the Homeless
  • Reason Rally Coverage
  • Gravity
  • Easter
  • Captialism
  • Stem Cells
  • Death
  • The Earth
  • Ayn Rand
  • Marriage
  • God is Dead
  • Big Pharma
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Sleep
  • Bath Salts

The Co-Hosts

Joshua Billingsley-Cooke and Paul Wittmeyer have diverse educational backgrounds which are frequently referenced in the show. Joshua gained degrees in philosophy and political science whereas Paul studied medicinal chemistry and theater. Both co-hosts currently work in law and are active members of their local atheist community.

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