RDFaCE is an online RDFa content editor based on TinyMCE. It supports different views for semantic content authoring and uses existing semantic Web APIs to facilitate annotating and editing of RDFa contents.

RDFaCE supports four different views for semantic text authoring:

  • WYSIWYG View. What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get
  • WYSIWYM View. What-You-See-Is-What-You-Mean
  • RDF Triple View.
  • Source Code View.

The views are synchronized such that changes made in one of the views automatically update the others. Furthermore, RDFaCE employs Sindice,[1] Swoogle[2] and[3] APIs for resource suggestion (providing appropriate URIs for subjects, properties and namespaces).

Another feature supported by RDFaCE is combining the results of multiple NLP APIs. Using this approach, we can harness synergies arising from the combination of different approaches for automatic text annotation. Currently, RDFaCE supports 7 NLP APIs namely Alchemy,[4] Extractiv,[5] Open Calais,[6] Ontos[7] ,Lupedia, Evri, Saplo and DBpedia Spotlight.[8]

The RDFaCE approach is very versatile and can be applied in a vast number of use cases. rNews,[9] OntoWiki[10] and Wordpress[11] are three use cases of RDFaCE.

RDFaCE is maintained and developed by AKSW research group[12] at the University of Leipzig.

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