RCHK First Aid Team was found in 2009 by Benny Lam, it is the first "student led" First Aid Team among all ESF school's, all of the team members are First Aid trained and some are special trained for Sport emergency, Prehospital or Wilderness first aid. We provide first aid cover for school events and all sports team in school.


While it is a requirement for MYP student in Renaissance college to do community and services, a student named Benny Lam have took the initiative and found the RCHK First Aid Team.

The team was found in 2009 to meet the growing need of first aid promotion and also first aid cover for different school events. In 2009 December, the first first aid course have been arranged in cooperation with St John Ambulance HK and the first group of students get qualified.


All students joining the team have to be first aid qualified, we accept different organizations qualification, however, all student who did not get qualification with the team have to be re exam before joining.


Students who've successfully passed the course will be given to opportunity to work as first aiders in school and team medics for different sports team. Such as School Fair, School Famine 24, Sports Day, Swimming Gala, Walk for change, Terry Fox Run etc.

Providing medical escort for different sports team have been one of the major duty, we cover all sports team in school, such as Rugby, Volleyball, Badminton, Swimming, Cross Country, Soccer. etc.

On-going Training

All first aiders in the team are required to continue on-going training, in-order to keep their skills up to date and also prepare them for future challenges.

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