R.O.C. are a British electronica group, founded in 1983 by Fred Browning and Patrick Nicholson in London, England.[1] Karen Sheridan joined the band in 1993.[1]


Their early singles displayed a tendency to black humour, but with their first album, ROC, the group revealed a more personal side. Fred Browning (sometimes written as Fred Braunen) and Karen Sheridan supplied the songwriting.

The Virgin album featured "Dada", based around Idi Amin's laugh, and "Said What I Said". Regarding "Ocean & England", Q said: "it ends with a love song - now that is unsettling".[citation needed]

Virgin dropped ROC in 1999, and the band seemed finished. ROC continued with three single releases, including "2000Mann" on the Spiky record label, and toured the UK with Sneaker Pimps. The threesome reconvened in 2003, joining the Brooklyn-based label 12 Apostles. In 2004, they were back in the recording studio with long-standing collaborators Danton Supple and Gareth Huw Davies. Night Fold Around Me was completed in early 2005.

A single, "Princess", was BBC 6 Music's 'Evening Single of the Week' in July 2005. The follow-up "Journey to the Centre of Brixton" made's readers' poll best singles of 2005 (despite only being released in December), with radio airplay including BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music (UK) and 2SER (Australia).

In June 2006, Night Fold Around Me was released.



  • R.O.C. (1995), Setanta
  • Virgin (1997), Virgin
  • Night Fold Around Me (2006), 12 Apostles


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