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Quinn Norton (photo by Aaron Swartz)

Quinn Norton (born 1973) is an American journalist, photographer and blogger covering hacker culture, Anonymous, Occupy movement, intellectual property and copyright issues, and the Internet. Her work has appeared in Wired News, The Guardian, Maximum PC, and O'Reilly Media publications such as Make magazine. She has also been a long-time fixture at O'Reilly's Foo Camp.

Norton has given a number of talks at technology conferences on the topic of body augmentation, usually under the title "Body Hacking".[1][2] As part of her research, she had a magnet implanted in the tip of her ring finger, enabling her to sense magnetic fields. [3][4] The magnet was later removed.

Quinn's Symphonic Conundrum

Quinn's Symphonic Conundrum is a conceptual prank involving writing and executing a computer program that would output all possible melodies. If published, such algorithmically generated music could bring absurd consequences for copyright law.[5]

Personal Life

Until 2009, she lived and worked in San Francisco Bay Area, where she was married to journalist Danny O'Brien. In 2003, she had a daughter, Ada Norton, who was conceived while Norton was in a polyamorous relationship.[6] She is a fan of body modification and tattoos, including an Apple of Discord on her upper arm.[7]


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