Queeridore is a concept created in December 2012 by a group of the coolest people alive. This game can be between 4 and 12 players.

The game derrives from the boardgame Quoridore and entails the massaging of the back and chest by a group of people.

Rules of the Game

The Queeridee sits in the centre of the group, whilst at least one person sits facing them and the other members (at least two) sit behind and together pin the Queeridee with their feet and massage them for 20 seconds whilst shouting the name of the game.

The challenge... lure people in so that they think it is tame, and become more agressive as the this progresses.

Finally, to finish off this truly amazing game the people at the back relax there grip so that the Queridee leans back at whcih point they get queeridored in the face, whilst shouting face queeridore!!


This game is best played after a tipple.

It is advisable that the Queerights wear socks as to avoid face scratching and that there are no other rules, so the Queridee may bite!!

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