Queen Mary Public School is a public elementary school located at 1445 Monaghan Road in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Queen Mary opened in 1913 with a capacity of 350+ students, and many teachers and staff.It is a member of the amalgamated Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.


Queen Mary Public School's construction first started in 1912, and finished in 1913. The school was designed by Peterborough architect William Blackwell,[1] upon later years, extensions were added. The school opened on September 13, although official opening was held on December 5, 1913. In 1948, Queen Mary was added with a new north wing, now holding six classes and one auditorium. Later in 1965, and south wing was added, with a modern look, designed by Canadian architect Eberhard Zeidler. The next wing including a gymnasium, and 2 rooms above now classified as the Music Room and Special Ed Room. The top floor of the south wing is a hallway consisting of the only lockers in the school, as of the main section classes were built with cloakrooms. This hallway is above the main entrance at the south doors.


Queen Mary has a hilltop location, in "The Old West End". The interior of the main section of the school consist of hardwood flooring all around the school, hardwood doors, hardwood framing, etc. The main floor includes four classrooms, one main office, and one main French room. The walls are made up of concrete, and painted white. Three of the class rooms and the French room are all located in the corners of the main floor, and have one section painted blue with a large curve, adding an interesting design. The basement area (lower area) of the main section of the school is made up of concrete bricks, and flooring although the staff room is made up of hardwood. The north wing added in 1948, made of concrete painted white,in a long hallway, that turns, containing six rooms.


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