Quantum spacetime mechanics


E= energy

C=speed of light


r= radius



v= velocity


Ec πr13 ≥ (±e) M πr13 = (Ec-MTπr11) ≥ (Mv-Ecsπr2)

(this equation represents the initial separation of E  form M and there Isolation)

As an object enters a black hole everything stretched and pulled apart. There comes a point that the object is nothing more than a stream of atoms. At some point the atoms break down, as the electrons are pulled toward the singularity they accelerate faster than the nuclei. The electron reaches the speed of light as it orbits the singularity and then enters the time dilation field at the speed of light and becomes stationary and occupies a 2 dimensional state outside of time. This forces conditions where all the electron that have entered the black hole orbit the singularity at the speed of light and the nuclei are forced to occupied a 2 dimensional state in a the time dilation field . Ec πr13 represents the 13 dimensional sphere of electrons orbiting the singularity at the speed of light. (±e) M πr13 represents the 13 dimensional sphere of nuclei with no electrons that are out of phase but there mass is still represented. This could be balanced even with all the mass in the universe as long as the electrons maintain voracity .if all the mass as present (Ec-Msπr2 ≥ Mv-Ecsπr2) this would be the moment before the big bang. I'm sure there will be some confusion about the fact I state that the electron occupy 2d state and then describe a 13D sphere which is the first equation the second equation describes the 2D state I believe both happen and it is at the point where time and space are separated at the singularity, where the electron traveling at light speed separated from time (so time is not moving but is maintaining potential velocity) and space without time is reduced to 2D around the singularity (singularity =1D) After the break down of the dimensions, you have energy or electrons occupying 2D around the singularity 1D together but separate. Now in my opinion mass can not exist with out 3 dimensions, so the separation of 1D and 2D isolated from 3-5D would state that there's no mass. That being said the nuclei with out electrons are missing 1-2D, but they occupy 3-5d which is 3 dimensions. So they relatively exist and are represented but not physically present.

Ec πr13 ≥ (±e) M πr13 = (Ec-MTπr11) ≥ (Mv-Ecsπr2) = ([Ec(s)-T)πr2])/([Mv(t±s)πr11])=[Ec(S[NvT)]=Mv(ST) ={E=Mc2}


I believe that time like gravity is the result of mass moving across space, but unlike gravity which is buy just motion, I believe Time Is caused by the big bang in motion as the mass is, was or will be created it becomes accelerated FLT which is why we see the universe expanding FTL, But with this comes stipulations. Remember time is relative. the big bang was very fast from one point of view,that being said the FTL universe that we occupy fallows relativity and there for as you reach the speed of light time slows which is why we would have a hard time realizing this fact. That we are in the big bang, and it all happened is the blink of an eye and was over. I also believe that it is a cycle of a multiverse.

[Ec(S[NvT)]=Mv(ST) ={E=Mc2} 

this is the result or the big bang. YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS "I will be the first in the field of quantum spacetime mechanics" Ryan Reschke

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