PushToTest provides test automation and performance management software, which validates performance of web and mobile apps at load to enterprises and developers. Its TestMaker software tests, monitors, and automates web services for functionality and performance.[1][2][3]


In 2001, Frank Cohen founded PushToTest as an open source project in Campbell, California.[3][4][1][2] After forming a corporation in 2012, Kevin Surace became the company’s CEO, and Cohen serves as the CTO.[4][1]

Cohen developed the open source TestMaker software as early as 1997. The original tool tests web services for reliability, scalability, and performance. In 2001, he founded PushToTest to provide testing software and services as a formal open-source project.[2]

In 2012, PushToTest was a finalist for the Red Herring Top 100 North AmericaAward. The award recognizes the top 100 technology companies in North Americawith the most growth potential.[5][6][7]

Today, PushToTest services 600,000 sites and 90% of the Fortune 500 with 3M downloads of its open source platform.[3] PushToTest’s users have included General Motors, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Best Buy, American Airlines, and PepsiCo.[4][8]

Executive team

Kevin Surace is a serial entrepreneur and technology innovator. Surace attended the Rochester Institute of technology (RIT) for electrical engineering. He is a well-known speaker with engagements at venues such as the INC 500 conference, the TED conference series and the Democratic Caucus of the House of Representatives. He has also appeared in dozens of prominent publications including Time and Forbes.[1][9][10]

Frank Cohen is the founder and CTO of PushToTest and the inventor of PushToTest’s TestMaker automation tool. Cohen has extensive experience in the software development world and has launched and founded several companies, including Regent software, SoftWindows (which he brought to an IPO with revenues of $34 million),, and Inclusion technologies (which also went public).[1][11]


PushToTest has an open source stress-testing platform for web services, mobile apps, and social apps.[3] It provides test automation tools, methodology, and training to medium and large enterprises. PushToTest’s software is in its 5th generation.[4]

The TestMaker platform is available in three licenses: individual, site, and enterprise.[3] It integrates with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Ajax, web services, web applications, and REST applications. [4][12]

PushToTest also offers a Pro Services team that can manage load, stress, and UX testing for advanced apps.[3][12] Clients also have access to a development community and a 3-year product roadmap.[4]

Awards & recognition

PushToTest was a finalist for the Red Herring Top 100 North America Award. The Top 100 Award recognizes the top private technology companies with the most growth potential.[7][5][6]

PushToTest’s CEO Kevin Surace has won several innovation awards, including PlanetForward’s Innovator of the Year, and Inc Magazine’s entrepreneur of the Year.[1][13][14][9][10] He was also inducted into the RIT Innovator Hall of Fame.[1][15]


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