Purple Haze is a chain of pubs in the city of Bangalore,at prime locations like Residency Road, Koramangala and Marathalli. It was started in 1999 keeping in mind the craze for rock music among many of Bangalore’s populace. Jimi’s Beer Café and Bull & bush are the tow sister concerns of Purple Haze Pub. Jimi's Beer Cafe is located on Residency Road, Koramangala, Jayanagar and Marathalli, while Bull & Bush pub is in Garuda mall, Magrath Road.


Hendrix has claimed that he had a dream where the words to Purple Haze came to him. Some people in Bangalore were also having a dream, at a time far removed from Jimi’s era, to facilitate a gathering point for the fans of the Gods of Rock in a drink fuelled ambience. That dream became real in 1999 when the Purple Haze Pub was born in Bangalore’s Residency road. Purple Haze started playing music in decibels the city had never experienced, and the Rock Capital was never the same since. It was not just the fact they played ground breaking records but the fact that Purple Haze is an honest testimonial to every musician who has touched the heart of believers of rock. From then to now, a journey of more than a decade, Purple Haze has a fan base that increases proportionally to the amount of new converts to the Rock N Roll religion in the city. They may not have visited Purple Haze but hold it in esteem as a bona fide purveyor of the music of quality rock artists in live and recorded forms. When fans did visit for the first time, it seemed like the refuge for the disciples of rock. That rush of blood to your head when you hear the bleeding guitars melt amplifiers, when you headbang and air guitar every note, the truth becomes evident: Rock is louder than life!

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With the first ever Professional Sound System by Martin in the city, big screens to view the Maestros, the almost concert-like experience made Deep Purple sound a lot deeper, Pink Floyd look a lot better and ACDC seemed to turn up their voltage to high. Purple Haze became Bangalore’s own “Wembley” and the fans poured in and had a blast with the greats performing every single day.Purple Haze has become a melting pot for different generations of rock fans where the old learn of young talents like Kings of Leon, The Killers and Coldplay and the new get to hear those who laid the foundations for today’s rock like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to name a few . Here, there is total democracy with respect to music as long as the music is rock!

The liquor is of varied kinds to suit different tastes and paying abilities. There is also a large selection of cocktails to choose from and tasty reasonably priced food.

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