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Pudon is a small city in western China, in the province of Gansu. It sits atop a very large plateau and is rarely visited by tourists or any others. The mayor is Lu Wing Chan. The residents of Pudon depend mainly on farming as their main source of food. Pudonians respect Lu Wing Chan very much. Pudon has a population of around 50.


The residents of Pudon rely on agriculture for most of their food. They will plant corn, squash, and beans, along with rice. Most of the resident of Pudon are vegetarians, simply because of the fact that there are no edible animals in the area.


The mayor of Pudon is Lu Wing Chan. He was elected mayor in July of 2007. Nearly everyone in the city except for Chan works as a farmer or farmhand. This is because Pudon is a very rural city. Under Chan's leadership, Pudon has experienced considerable growth, from around 30 people to 50. The Pudonians credit Chan for this. They have described Chan as being the most influential person in their lives.


As a result of the city being incredibly rural, there is very little technology in Pudon, and most residents haven't even heard of something as common as a camera.

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