Psion Gamma is the second book in the Psion series by Jacob Gowans and was released in October 2011.


Psion Gamma begins one month after the events of Psion Beta. It follows five different viewpoints: Sammy, Jeffie, Commander Byron, Victor Wrobel, and Katie Carpenter.

Sammy has spent the last month trying to establish a plan to return home to Capitol Island. He finds several clues in the old resistance bunker that lead him to believe there may be some resistance fighters in Wichita. He sets out to catch an air rail (a futuristic train) up north, but first needs to earn money. He goes to downtown Rio de Janeiro and spends all day asking for help. A butcher named Floyd offers him a job for one month in return for paying Sammy’s fare. Sammy accepts the help gratefully. Floyd’s son, however, discovers that there’s something strange about Sammy (who calls himself Albert as a disguise), and calls a hotline set up for citizens to report anything suspicious to the government. Aegis collect Sammy and interrogate him in the basement of a large building owned by N Corporation. When Sammy refuses to answer their questions, an Aegis named Stripe tortures him. This lasts for over a month until Sammy is driven partially insane, believing himself to be Albert Choo-choo.

When a Thirteen enters the torture chamber, Sammy regains some of his memories and manages to escape with a boy named Toad. Toad and Sammy recover the air rail ticket that Floyd purchased for Sammy and take a ride north as far as Texas. They cross the remaining distance on foot, a journey lasting several days. It is on this journey that Sammy realizes he has lost his Anomaly Eleven due to the mental strain of the torture, and has also awakened a darkness inside himself which at times fills him with rage. By the time he and Toad arrive in Wichita, they are exhausted and starved. The resistance fighters capture them and plan to kill them until Sammy recognizes one of them as Commander Byron’s father, Thomas. Thomas agrees to help Sammy and Toad escape to Capitol Island. They hatch a twofold plan: first, to send a message to anyone who might be in CAG territory looking for him; and second, to steal a cruiser from Offutt Air Base.

During this time, Commander Byron’s son, Albert, who led Sammy’s mission to Rio, has become obsessed with discovering what went wrong with the mission and whether or not Sammy might have survived. He and two other Alphas investigate the mission data and realize that the type of equipment failure Albert’s team experienced could only have resulted from sabotage by a high-ranking government official. Byron convinces his superiors to let himself and a team fly to Rio to investigate the warehouse where the Betas were ambushed. There he finds evidence to support Al’s theory that Sammy is alive. The team of Alphas that he leaves behind receives Sammy’s message and deploys to Omaha to rescue Sammy.

Meanwhile, a Thirteen named the Queen (aka Katie Carpenter) has been dispatched by Victor Wrobel, the rogue Psion Commander, to hunt down Sammy. The longer she searches, the more death she leaves behind her and the more obsessed with finding Sammy she becomes. Her investigation takes her to Wichita, where she captures a resistance fighter. The rebel tells her under duress that Sammy plans to steal a cruiser and fly home. She takes a team of Thirteens and Aegis to Offutt where a battle ensues in the air hangar between her team, Byron’s Alpha squadron, and Thomas Byron’s resistance fighters. When the Queen corners Sammy, Toad sacrifices himself to save Sammy, who is reunited with Commander Byron.

The night he returns home to Beta headquarters, Victor Wrobel kidnaps Sammy in order to exact his revenge on Commander Byron. Through a flashback we see that when Wrobel and Byron were much younger, Wrobel’s fiancée was killed due to Byron’s orders during a sewer battle against the Thirteens. Now, to get even, Wrobel forces Commander Byron to choose between letting the Queen kill Sammy or Albert. When Byron chooses to kill Albert, the Queen’s hesitation gives Sammy an opportunity to subdue her. Wrobel is taken into custody, and Sammy is returned home once more to Beta headquarters.

Characters introduced in Psion Gamma

Toad - An Ultra (Anomaly Fifteen) who is captured by the Aegis for displaying his anomaly at a summer camp. He travels with Sammy to Wichita and sacrifices his life to save Sammy in a battle.

Katie "The Queen" Carpenter - The first known Thirteen. She is a beautiful, but deadly assassin called in by Victor Wrobel to hunt down and kill Sammy.

Thomas and Lara Byron - Commander Byron's parents, who are also leaders of a resistance group fighting the Continental American Government. They have not seen their son in almost 20 years.

Strawberry Plack - Brickert's youngest sister. Jeffie's roommate.

Dr. Vogt - A medical doctor who agrees to help Sammy work through his post-traumatic stress disorder after being tortured. He also accompanies the resistance to Omaha where he is killed when the Thirteens bomb Sammy's cruiser.

Stripe - An Aegis obsessed with pain who conducts Sammy's interrogation and torture in Rio de Janeiro. He uses a series of creams that replicate different types of pain: ice, fire, sharp, and pressure. When Sammy escapes, Stripe is presumably killed.

Known Anomalies

Anomaly Eleven "Tensai" - Makes people smarter. Mechanism currently unknown.

Anomaly Twelve - unknown

Anomaly Thirteen - Turns people into sociopathic killers due to destruction of certain areas in their brains that control moral barriers. Also affects pain sensation and muscle proprioception.

Anomaly Fourteen "Psion" - Allows people to shoot energy from their hands and feet due to mutations of mitochondria and eleidin found in the stratum lucidum layers of the skin.

Anomaly Fifteen "Ultra" - Short for Ultra-kinesis. Mitochondrial mutation produces more energy. Also enhances motor control and awareness.

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