Protiddhoni Cinema (pronounced প্রতিধ্বনি সিনেমা; which is derived from & commonly Bengali known as প্রতিধ্বনি) is Bangladeshi Independent Media Production and Distributor Company founder and owned by Bengali Independent Filmmmaker Masum. Its concluded an agreement to Independent makers... Dream makers... Filmmakers... Protiddhoni matters...

Bragging Rights

Protiddhoni Cinema is Bangladeshi Independent Media Production and Distributor Company Based in Dhaka. The Company was founded on 2014 founder and owned by Independent Filmmmaker Masum. When Masum are experimental film At that time, he thought "If Our projects do own production can we done What is the short of thing that?" its based on As of 2014, Masum himself make up the team to Protiddhoni Cinema. After Two years, her more friends to joined and contribute them on her company known more recognizable. The Company Used a variety of Media to Produce such project as Short film and Music video’s workshop. Its just creating especially Short film Produced and Distributed. Protiddhoni Cinema mainly created showing for their talent in Bangladesh Media with Global Media.

Development Process of Project

Short Film


  • Campaign - Akti Mrittu
  • Original Score - একটি মৃত্যু
  • Category - Short Film
  • Language(s) - Bengali
  • Year - 2015
  • Story & Screenplay - Masum
  • Director - Masum
  • Producer - Atif Aslam Arif
  • Production House - Protiddhoni Cinema
  • Distributor(s) - Protiddhoni Cinema and Bchelor Factor
  • Note(s) - Its first Produced film for Protiddhoni Cinema and debuts film Masum

Music Video

(1) A Music video Campaign Obhiman (Bengali known as অভিমান) an Black song Post-Production of the under banner of Protiddhoni Cinema

Company Reviews

Protiddhoni Cinema absolutely Independent Private Company. The company works only with their own projects, especially with short film. Engagements and the absence of the company's members so the company is looking forward to the work of Post Production.


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