Project X tribute band, the band from South London I think from the Croydon Surrey area formed in about the late 1980 early 1990's, they dressed as 1960's - 1970's hippies and looked the part with five members of the band the singer was known as (Stan the man) (Stanley Blade)or (Stanley Knife?, the lead Guitarist was Mad Dog, they also had a Bass Guitarist Drummer and Organist, Before the band formed as a five piece they had two female singers one of which was Pipa The Band was very popular in the London area especially the Cartoon club in Croydon. They copied all types of artists music of the 60’s and 70’s for example REM, Leonard Cohen ,Troggs, Kinks, The Who and The Beatles - A Day in a life, and Them - Gloria Mad Dog the Lead Guitarist also had another band called Answers on a Postcard as well as performing with Project X Stan’s Band called Naked City?

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