Back in 1994 a band group of kids from "" formed a band ,which they wanted to use to fill a void one that was growing ever bigger as years went by and that was the seeming lack of creativity and the linear "progression" of modern rock at that time (ie. Emo, Post-hardcore, etc, etc...).

That band was At the Drive-in and they went onto to fuse the rather flat and developmentally stunted styles of music which were most popular on the underground in their views, with progressive rock.

This style of playing combining emotionless angular riffs and post-rock/punk drums together with emotive singing and progressive rhythms, cause somewhat of a stir, within the hearts and minds of people world-wide in a way that transgressed age and ethnicity. As a result of this great love a reaction was caused and thus a sub-culture was born....

This sub-culture started to be known as progcore, And since those early rumblings many bands have taken note and influence from at the drive-in and implemented those same experimental aesthetics to their own music.

Many bands have cited At the drive-in as an influence: Progcore bands

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