The M-505 Adams Brothers Probe 16 was a car, designed by former Marcos cars designers Dennis and Peter Adams, (Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire England) in 1969 as 'an investigation into extremes of styling'. It was powered by a mid-mounted tuned Austin 1800 engine and stood a mere 86 centimeters (34 in) in height. It has 10" wheels up front and 13" wheels on the back. Entry was gained via a sliding glass roof.


A total of only 3 were built. The first one (chassis number AB/2) which was sold to famous American songwriter Jim Webb, and was believed to have been burnt quite early.[1] Around August 2005, some pictures of a Probe 16 with the matching engine number AB/2 surfaced on the internet, but their authenticity couldn't be verified.[2]

The second Probe 16 (AB/3) was completed in 1969 and exhibited in the 1969 London Motor Show. With the intention to initiate a British Styling showpiece stand at the '69 Motor Show, the Daily Telegraph Magazine cooperated with the Institute of British Carriage and Automobile Manufacturers to show the Probe 16 on the IBCAM stand – where it obtained a tremendous reception and won the design award as the best British styling exercise. This second Probe was originally sold to bassist Jack Bruce; Corky Laing bought it from Bruce as a birthday present. It later became the property of a Canadian collector and car designer Dr. Clyde Kwok until 1983. Since then it has been in the private collection of Phil Karam.[1]

The third Probe 16 (AB/4) had been displayed at the 'Pollock Auto Showcase' in USA until returned to the U.K. around 1990, by Colin Feyerabend. He told Karam in 2001 that his Probe was hoisted improperly and broke in half. A complete rebuild and restoration of the car was completed in 2010.[3]

Film appearances

Stanley Kubrick featured Probe 16 (AB/4) in his 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange. In the film, it is referred to as Durango 95.[4] In the TV-programme Top Gear (Season 2004, 2nd episode, aired October 31, 2004), the one used in the film was nominated for restoration in the Restoration Rip-off feature, but it was out-voted by Paddy Hopkirk's Mini for restoration.[5]

Probe series

A previous model, the Probe 15 was manufactured by the Adams Brothers. It is believed that only one of these were ever made and it is still intact in Switzerland.

A subsequent model to the Probe 16, the Probe 2001 was also manufactured from 1970 to 1972 by the Probe Motor Company and WT Nugent (Engineering Ltd)


See [4] for comprehensive information on the Adams Brothers Probe series of cars

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