Prince Abbass Was born in lahore Pakistan to a Muslim family. prince began his music career as a music composer.


Prince Abbas he quickly gained popularity through his debut single"hum tumare"in 2015 in 2016 he released his debut album "twelve" which received tow nominess at ptc punjab music award for best NON residents punjab album and best NON resident punjab vocalist the album also featured bohemia,atif aslam,arijit singh A SINGLE HUM TUMARE" FROM THE ALBUM WAS NOMINATED AS SONG OF THE YEAR AT 13TH LUX STYLE AWARD. IN 2015, PRINCE RELLEASED A SINGLE KAHO NA WITH ARIJIT SINGH UNDER BYOUND RECORD.THE SINGLE TOPPED BBC ASIAN CHART HE ALSO RELEASED A SINGLE MERE TAMANA(A WISH)2016 WHICH TOPPED ITUNE PRINCE From the featured Bhomia, Atif aslam, arijit singh, a single hum thmare from the album was niminated as song of song of the year At 13th Lux Style Award, in 2015, Prince Relleased a single kaho na with arijit Singh under Byond Record, The Single topped BBsC asian Chart he also released a single mere tamana (A Wish) 2016 Which Topped Itune Prince.


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