The President's House Association is a locally chartered association of men founded in 1964. They are located at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, and they work under the pillars of Academics, Brotherhood, and Christianity. The association is also known colloquially as PHA, and its men are often called "PHAs."[1]


The idea of the President's House Association began as an experiment due to a housing deficiency in 1964 at Georgetown College. A group of men petitioned the administration to be able to move into the former President's House which was then vacant. The best and brightest independent men were selected to live in this house without the supervision of a House Mother, a rare occurrence for that time period. This was the basis of it being known as an honors dorm, not solely because of the high academic and scholastic records of the men, but also because the men lived "on their honor."[1]


Today, the men of the President's House Association still strive to uphold the values begun many years ago. Its alumni have produced many successful members of society serving as doctors, lawyers, missionaries and pastors.[1]

The Men of The President's House were recently bestowed the honor of the highest GPA among all men on campus, including Greek and independent men. PHA holds the highest GPA historically as well.[1]

While often confused for a Greek fraternity, PHA is in fact quite different. The association and its men do not abide by many of the Greek rules set forth by the College's Inter-Fraternal Council and have no national charter or organization to which they respond or answer.[1]

Being a local fraternity, the men of PHA often focus their philanthropic efforts on the Georgetown community and surrounding area rather than attempting to support a national organization.[1]

Lil Sis's

Every fall, each sophomore PHA selects a young woman to be his Little Sister. Also known as "Lil Sis's," these women are appointed to members of the house based upon the idea that they will support and show an active interest in the lives of multiple members of the President's House Association.[1]

Events and Traditions

The President's House Association is well represented on campus, staying involved with many aspects of the college. Members are very active in religious life, admissions, new student orientation, the President's Ambassador's program and many other activities.

Members often participate in several public events and traditions, in addition to those that are kept secret from non-members.[1]

Boxer Runs

Several times throughout the year the men of PHA will run to every female dormitory and yell out "PHA loves (insert hall)!" while only wearing undergarments. These "boxer runs" typically happen sporadically in the first semester, with only two that are planned annually. The first happens the week of SongFest, and the second during the last week before finals and is a Christmas carol boxer run, in which the men will stop at female dorms and sing various carols. During the weeks following recruitment, boxer runs are held almost nightly to help integrate new members with the old.[1]

Stake Outs

Whenever a PHA becomes engaged an event called a stake out is held. Traditionally the member being engaged will choose two other members to participate with him, and on the day of the stake out all three will have various food items thrown on them by other members of the house. Once every member has participated, they all circle up around the three and at the conclusion of the circle up the engaged member and the two that withstood the bombardment of food will then throw everything that was dumped on them back at the other members.[1]

Other Events

Other events include a devotions service ("PHA Devos") which are typically held on Thursday nights, Thanksgiving dinner with the Lil' Sis's, various brotherhood retreats, a homecoming dance, and spring formal. Though some events are open to the student body, Lil' Sis's are invited to all PHA functions.[1]

PHA in the 2009–2010 academic year won the Overall Intramural Champion. PHA has a tradition of winning intramurals, and has won Overall Champion ten out of the past fourteen years.[1]


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