Shri. V.T. Prakashan alias Prakash Chennithala (Malayalam:പ്രകാശ് ചെന്നിത്തല) born in 19 May 1967(Chennithala, Mavelikkara, Kerala, India) is a well known social worker and president of Human Rights Protection Mission.Born and brought up in a small village and a very poor family engaged in agriculture, he had to face many hardships during his upbringing. After completion of his education he started his career in the construction field as a contractor. He continued in this field for 15 years and completed a number of projects in Goa, Karnataka and Kerala and established himself as a well reputed contractor.

From childhood he had an instinct to help other's as much as he can. In the year 2002 he came into contact with Sree Matha Sachinmayi Devi Ashram, Chennithala, which was into various kinds of charity activities for the poor. He actively participated in charity work there and as a recognition of his hard work, became the Vice Chairman of Sree Matha Sachinmayi Devi Charitable Trust. During his tenure as Vice Chairman of the Trust he got the opportunity to serve the downtrodden and enjoyed great mental satisfaction.

He realized that majority of these poor people are suffering from violations of human rights at different levels and they are unaware about their own rights. He was witness to different occasions of denial of basic rights of people at Government offices, hospitals, police stations etc. The rich and powerful people made the society in such a way that the poor innocent people have to beg for their constitutional human rights. He himself was a victim of denial of basic human rights.

Realization of the pathetic condition of the society, he decided to embark upon a journey to make people aware of their basic human rights and started an organization in the name and style of “ Human Rights Protection Mission” in the year 2008. At present, he is the National President of HRPM and under his guidance the organization is actively working for Human Rights awareness among people and helping the poor and needy through charity works. HRPM has its presence in almost all states of India at different levels. Prakash Chennithala has received many honors and awards for his contribution to Human Rights Awareness and Charity Activities.

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