Pradesh (TKO) Raj is a 15 year old boy from Malaysia who recently on 4th November 2012 won one of the biggest junior taekwando competitions organised by the World Taekwando Association, The Under 21 World Taekwando Championship. He started taekwando when he was 9 years old with the main intention to just learn self defence and protect himself when needed. He realised he had a talent in taekwando after winning his 1st gold medal in his 5th taekwando competition organised by the Majlis Sukan-Sukan Daerah, District level. Now at the age of 15, Pradesh Raj owns a record of winning 37 individual fights in each competition by a technical knockout and the record for the fastest technical knockout in his country by winning a fight in 3 seconds. He too currently owns 14 gold medals for the district level competitions, 11 gold medals for the state level competitions, 12 gold medals for the nationwide competitions, 1 silver medal for an intercontinental competition and 1 gold for the recent Under 21 World Taekwando Championship. Pradesh's current coach Bae You Jun from Seoul, South Korea is to be credited to this as said by Pradesh as he is the one who brought him up to be a champion.

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