Dr.Srinivasan who is well known as Powerstar is a Tamil film actor[1] who started to act in major roles with the movie Lathika(2011)[2] which was also directed and produced by him. He is also famous for appearing in Television programs and in a numerous YouTube videos. Obviously social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook played a major role in making him a famous icon.[3][4]

At the start of his career he was flooded with negative critics and people were severely insulting him which made him a hate symbol. But later on his inability to understand sarcastic insults against him and the YouTube videos which uncovered his overconfidence, made him become a Comedy Piece or 'a person to be made fun of' in simple language. But some people claim that he did that intentionally, just to get the publicity which he actually got from it.

That image of him made people like him in a negative way and create many Facebook pages on him, not actually insulting him but making fun of him. At that time Powerstar looked to be satisfied with his Comedy Piece image and probably did not predict what was going to happen next.

Gradually people started to be serious fans of him and started calling him as their Thalaivar. At that time all people liked him either in the above mentioned 'mass image' or in the comedy image. Most people who liked him as a comedian were people who came to know about him recently. His older fans were following seriously, still knowing that it's a joke. But still media people were disliking him and were trying to make people dislike him in which they did not succeed.

Day by day people who seriously liked him as a public figure (still knowing well about him) increased and his YouTube videos got more and more famous. More serious Facebook pages on him started to be created. Some of them even called him as 'our god'. More people started supporting him on social networks, either his fans or people who liked his comedy.

Still some people claim that he did all those things intentionally, exactly knowing what will happen when he does so. But Powerstar ignored that and seemed to be not caring about people against him or perhaps he liked them because they too make him famous. However he admitted in a television program that he knows that some people look at him as a comedian or a hate figure. Perhaps he is the first person to do that in that manner.

He is currently getting more and more famous both on internet and television each day. At the present he is working in more than 10 movies which is actually a pretty good amount of movies. Anandha Thollai[5] is possibly the next release.

Early life &

He was doctor and a successful industrialist who did not have any problem with money. As he states, he helped a lot of people but he could not get his service passed some limit. Later he learned that he should be famous to do his service more actively which lead him to the cinema industry.

Film career

Lathika is his only movie so far. It is being showed in theaters for more than 250 continues days.[6] Film community claims that he is paying the theater owners for showing his movie in their theater and that most of the time the theater is empty. But the official news by Powerstar says that the movie is a hit. However the 100th day and the 200th day had grand celebrations from Powerstar's side.[7][8]

Currently he is having many movie to be released in the recent future. Those movies are expected to get more recognition than his first movie because his fame has increased remarkably in the recent past.


Year Film Status Notes
2010 Pa.Ra.Palanisamy Released
2010 Unakkaga Oru Kavithai Released
2010 Indira Sena Released First role as a policeman
2010 Mandabam Released
2010 Neethana Avan Released
2011 Lathika Released First movie in the lead role and as a director
2012 Anandha Thollai Yet to be Release Almost Finished
2012 Mannavan Yet to be Release
2012 Padaith Thalaivan Yet to be Release
2012 Desiya Nedunchaalai Yet to be Release
Seenu M.A.B.L. Yet to be Release
Manushan Yet to be Release
Thiruma Yet to be Release
Moolakkadai Murugan Yet to be Release
Suranga Paadhai Yet to be Release
Seenu Yet to be Release

As Director

Year Film Notes
2011 Lathika Also the first movie as the lead actor


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