The Power Matters Alliance (PMA) is an organization dedicated to what it terms Power 2.0, a combination of analogue wireless-power, digital smart-systems and environmental responsibility. PMA was founded by Procter & Gamble and Powermat Technologies in March 2012. Technical work towards a global interface standard initiated by the PMA, operates under IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Industry Connections Program[1]‘Power Matters Activity’, which was also officially launched in March 2012. Vint Cerf is the PMA’s Honorary Chairman.[2] Its board includes representatives of AT&T, Duracell, Starbucks and Powermat Technologies. Energy Star (EPA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are board observers.[3]

Mission and Technology

The PMA mission is to formulate and advance a suite of interface standards for smart and energy-efficient [4] wireless power, and the adoption of these standards across the market segments. The PMA formulates a suite of standards based on inductive coupling technology to provide advanced wireless power. In addition to standardizing the analogue magnetics and electronics of inductive coupling, PMA seeks to add a digital layer providing policy-setting, monitoring, and extensible APIs. The PMA manages interoperability, certification and logo programs according to these specifications.

Mark of Interoperability

The mark of interoperability is required to set compatibility standards across markets and industry, and across all links in the delivery chain of the alliance. It is used by industries and companies that adopt and implement the PMA standards.[5] The 'Electron P' mark of interoperability, is displayed at Starbucks coffee shops with wireless power, in the 40/40 club, at select Regis Hair Salons and Delta Airlines terminals with wireless power, in 600 locations throughout Madison Square Garden,[6] at wireless charging locations in the new Barclays Center, and on Powermat Duracell product.[7]


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