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Ezra and Adeev Potash (Born October 18, 1993) are musicians and entertainers from Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The twins are most well known for their performing abilities in Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop. The twins currently reside in New York City, where they perform regularly. Adeev (Trumpet) is one of the few students of the famous Dizzy Gillespie protege Jon Faddis, while Ezra (Bass Trombone and Tuba) studies with Bass Trombone master David Taylor. The twins are currently Reunion Blues Performing Artists.


The twins were born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 18th, 1993. Their parents, Amy Nachman and Alan Potash, encouraged them to partake in the arts wherever the family lived. Moving around to Indiana, Illinois, Texas and eventually back to Nebraska, the twins were always involved in local bands and orchestras. The twins first interest in being musical performers was while living in Austin, Texas, the renowned live music capitol of the world.

Their interest in pursuing music as a career was sparked when Adeev had a trumpet lesson with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis. The twins snuck backstage after a Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra concert, just to meet one of their musical role models. Wynton was intrigued with the twins interest in music, and continued to have a lesson about jazz, trumpet, being a musician, a teacher and the importance of humility. This moment gave the boys the confidence to seek out the people that inspired them, and to learn what they can from them. Because of this, the twins have had lessons with Wynton Marsalis, Chris Botti, Wayne Bergeron, Jon Faddis and have musical mentorships with musicians like Gregory Porter,Terell Stafford, Stefon Harris, Doc Severinsen, Joshua Redman, Branford Marsalis, Delfeayo Marsalis, Jonathan Batiste, Dave Monette, Matisyahu, and many more.

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Mr. Marsalis and the twins relationship continued after the lesson. Wynton insisted on helping the boys with their college essays, doing his best to help them move to New York City to develop as musicians.

They can be heard everyday by millions of people on the theme of the national radio show “Your Daily High” hosted by Andy Greenberg. They preform every year at Warren Buffet’s Annual Shareholders Party at Borsheim’s in Omaha. The twins have a relationship on and offstage with jazz piano protege Jonathan Batiste, who has given them ample performance opportunities.

The boys attended Herzl Camp in Webster, WI. A Jewish Camp where they spent 11 years as campers and staff. Other notable alumni of Herzl Camp include Bob Dylan, Bryan Greenberg, Thomas L. Friedman, Abe Foxman, and many more.

Below is an article by Dan Hyman about the Potash Twins;

"Ezra and Adeev Potash, 18-year-old identical twins and world-class horn-wielding musicians known as the Potash Twins, consider themselves quite thankful: that others saw talent in them, that they have each other, and, above all, that they can think quick on their feet. For, as they recall, it was their ability to schmooze that in many ways helped give them the confidence to jumpstart their burgeoning career. As Ezra tells it, while attending a 2008 Wynton Marsalis concert in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, the brothers snuck backstage only to wind up receiving a lesson from Marsalis himself. "That was the most inspiring thing for us," Ezra recalls of Adeev’s private one hour lesson with one of jazz music’s all-time great trumpeters. "We were like 'this happened to us, so we should probably take a career in music seriously." Now, apart from logging time as top-notch music students in New York City, the duo, who recently released their debut album, Twintuition, have made a name for themselves on the city’s ever-competitive jazz scene, continually impressing big-wig talent along the way. Most recently, thanks to a chance encounter on the street with jazz prodigy Jonathan Batiste, the brothers were invited to sit in with the 25-year-old. "We played with him and he was like 'man, you guys are a lot better than I thought,'” Ezra recalls, laughing. "But our main goal is to keep learning." Part of their continuing education is to dream up ways to engrain jazz music into the mainstream. "We're not trying to make our own art form by any means," Adeev explains, "but what we are trying to do is bring the horns back into pop culture. We see horn players as something modern culture can relate to." Both are the first to admit they are products of superb music education as well as continued guidance and support from teachers and peers, but the Potash Twins largely credit their ever-evolving love of their craft -- and particularly an always-growing obsession for jazz music -- to the soul-baring nature of playing. "The foundation of jazz was built off of improvisation," Adeev says, “and improvisation is where there's freedom." Adds the young talent, expounding on him and his brother’s place in the music universe, “it’s not necessarily who's the best, but it's who has something to say. And I absolutely believe we have something to say."


The 18 year old twin's debut album Twintuition showcases six original compositions of instrumental funk, jazz and hip-hop. With the unusual combination of Bass Trombone and a screaming lead Trumpet.

Big Sam William's, celebrated New Orleans trombone player and personality had this to say about Twintuition; "The Potash Twins album is packed with a whole lotta SOUL! There are moments when I feel like I'm in my hometown of New Orleans! The screams on the trumpet & super low tones on the bass bone blows me away! I can't wait to hear more from The Twins! They definitely have a future here in the music world. This is only the beginning for them!"-Big Sam Williams (HBO Series "Treme", Big Sam's Funky Nation, Dirty Dozen Brass Band)

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