Post It Awards is an international competition and the design award for students. It is annual since 2005. The main goal of the competition is to give each student the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in design and art, to be evaluated by recognized industry experts, and to identify their place in professional community as a talented young specialists.

The main criteria to select the winner are the quality of the work, its integrity and originality of concept and execution. The awards of “Post It Awards”: the tools for creativity, professional practical training in Russian and international design studios and agencies, and a short-term specialized training courses in leading European universities.

History of the competition

The idea of competition for students came up in 2005 by understanding of its necessity among young professionals. By that time in Russia, there was only one authoritative event on graphic design—Moscow International Poster Biennale "Golden Bee". All interested persons were invited to participate, regardless of age or experience, and awards in general went to the most experienced professionals.

Initiative group of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts represented by it’s students Daniel Bolshov (today one of the founders at the agency Graphic Productions Corporate Branding) and Ivan Velichko (now co-owner of design studio "Schuka") had decided to establish a separate competition, intended to attend the students only. The concept for a competition was that participants should be in a same professional "weight" category, the results of competition should be evaluated by the leading experts in design.

In 2009 together with the “Republica” book store “Post It Shop” was initiated—the production of T-shirts and stationery with images of Post it Awards entries. In the same year during the contest were held some master-classes by famous designers—members of the jury: Peter Bankov, Eric Belousov and Proteus Temen. Since 2011 “Post it” start practicing summer urban open-air exhibitions.

The name "Post It" was found almost immediately. The idea belonged to Natalia Zhukova, University of Printing Arts student. It was preceded by several options, such as "Poster Poster" and "Beep." However, the unanimous approval went to «Post It», with no connection to the well-known trademark of 3M, Post-it notes. The official competition name change history:

  • 2005—2006 Post It. Student Poster Festival
  • 2007—2008 Post It. Student Poster Competition
  • 2009—2010 Post It Awards. International Student Poster Award
  • 2011 Post It Awards. International Student Design Competition

Original logo design: Evgeny Novikov, one of the first organizers.


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