Pockanchery chandu vaidyar was a noted Ayurvedic vaidyar(doctor)who lived at the time of Zamorin of Calicut.he was very famous in those times and the mode of his treatment earned a lot of praise from king's family as well as general public.there is a story about chandu vaidyar that he even cured a person from rabies.his treatment to a person sufering from chronic stomach ache is also famous.what he does is after daubing honey and some ayurvedic medicine to a small banana and tied this banana with a thread and told the patient to swallow this.after some time he pulled out the banana with the thread from patients stomach.and while the surprised relatives of the patients saw the small worm type creatures are on the banana.this patient is completely cured from the chronich stomach ache. Cholayil kunjumamivaidyar was a student of him. A branch of chandu vaidyar family members are settled in valapad village,trissur district.

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