Project Manager Power Projection Enablers
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Country United States
Branch U.S. Army
Garrison/HQ Ft. Belvoir
Project Manager Art Olsen (Acting)
Parent unit


Project Manager Power Projection Enabler (or PM P2E) formerly known as the PD Area Processing Centers (APC), provides the Army with capabilities and adaptive processes that support net-centricity, secure access to knowledge, and improved information systems and services throughout the Army environment.


Plain English:Host Army applications, data and IT services in an interconnected set of globally linked and defended data centers.

Warfighter Terms:Enable a globally connected Army to build and employ an informed warfightingforce that can fight on arrival.
IT Mission Statement:Deliver a standardized, global info-structure that is scalable, accessible, flexible and defensible. Enable streamlined access to the Army’s applications, data and enterprise services.


Mr. Arthur J. Olsen (Acting)

Program Manager Power Projection Enablers

P2E supports the Army’s ability to integrate and manage the infrastructure as an Enterprise to enhance capabilities and efficiencies through the implementing Enterprise system. Examples include e-mail, Active Directory, Army global directories, APCs, and related technologies deployed across all Army organizations. P2E is an Enterprise-managed data center that is one part of a tightly coupled Global Network Enterprise Construct (GNEC) that will provide a unifying architecture to bridge gaps between generating force and deploying force architectures. P2E operationally leverages current and future Enterprise resources including connectivity, equipment, network operations, and personnel to deliver a synchronized and seamless information capability in support of the Army’s transformation to a more net-centric and modular force. As part of the GNEC, P2E provides a platform for delivering Enterprise services to the generating and Warfighting communities regardless of location/posture. P2E minimizes costs and significantly enhance the Army’s Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense (IA/CND) posture by consolidating IA systems and reducing the number of entry points to Army networks. In addition, P2E provides quick reaction, customized cabling upgrades, imagery, and TCFs implementations in the SWA theater. The organization uses a diverse group of contracts to tailor acquisitions to best serve the deployed Warfighter and meet the mission. Acquisitions can range from critical, highly expedited efforts, in a changeable work environment, to large scale traditional I3MP efforts. Whether expedited or traditional, P2E provides for high capacity capabilities and near real-time throughput enabling essential communications systems in SWA and is a critical enabler for Army Enterprise, Army Knowledge Management (AKM), and the Army Campaign Plan (ACP).

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