PLOTEUS (a Portal on Learning Opportunities Throughout European Space) is a European Union web portal that aims to help citizens find out about education and training opportunities throughout the European Union.[1] Launched in 2003,[2] it provides information on education systems, qualifications, grants and tuition fees in the EEC countries.[3] It also provides practical help on matters such as finding a place to stay, living costs, the legal aspects of studying abroad, taxes, and social security.[4] As of December 2006, the site was available in 24 languages and provided access to more than 7,000 links to existing information resources in 31 countries.[5] The portal directs users towards a screen listing five topics: "Learning opportunities", "Education systems", "Exchanges", "Contact", and "Moving to a country". Depending on the field of interest, the user clicks on a heading and goes to a screen where requests for links to more information on, for example, the primary school education system in Finland or post-graduate business administration courses in France can be made. The portal is managed by the Euroguidance network.[6] In 2010, its promotion was incorporated in the Youth on the Move campaign launched by the European Commission to extend opportunities for learning mobility to all young people in Europe by 2020[7]

"Ploteus" means "navigator" or "sailor" in ancient Greek.

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