Planet Folkestone.[1] is a voluntary organisation that was created by accident. In 2011 a group of friends got together and decided to dress up as zombies for Halloween and walk the streets of Folkestone for fun. The idea caught on through Social Media and they were joined by about fifty other zombies and large number of well wishers turned up to encourage them. The following year, the group received support from local Folkestone businesses and there were over 200 zombies shuffling through the streets, followed by a special outdoor screening of the cult comedy film “Shaun of the Dead”.

The group’s original organisers, Terri ‘Zombie’ Marsh and Vicky Gladwin were joined by amateur film-makers, artists, body painters, et al and so Planet Folkestone.[1] was born, with two goals in mind - To promote the town of Folkestone and to have fun. It was then decided as the group entered into its third year to add to the number and to diversify in the themes of events each year, reaching a larger group of supporters and to raise much needed money for local charities.

Planet Folkestone.[1] continues to go from strength to strength, growing in number with each new event.

Planet Folkestone.[1]

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