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Pink Gorilla location in the Seattle Chinatown-International District.

Pink Gorilla, LLC is a well-known[1] retro and imported video game retailer with three locations in Seattle, Washington. It was known as Pink Godzilla until 2009. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer considers it "Seattle's best" among such retailers.[2]


The store was founded as Pink Godzilla Games and was known by that name for many years. Toho, owner of the Godzilla franchise, claimed the store was infringing upon its trademark.[2] Pink Godzilla announced in 2009 that it would change its name.[2] Rather than engage in a legal fight, the store decided to voluntarily rebrand.[2]

The company's mascot is Pink Gojima, from the fictional Island of Go.[3] It is also known as Pinky G or just Pinky.[3] The mascot uses the colors of pink and green, which are also used to decorate the retail locations.[4]


The store represents itself at a number of comic- and gaming-related conventions, including Emerald City Comicon,[5] Sakura-Con,[6] Seattle Retro Gaming Expo,[7] Portland Retro Gaming Expo,[8] and Penny Arcade Expo.[9][10]

The store also hosts its own events, including tournaments,[11][12] chiptunes shows,[13] and launch events for major video game releases.[14][15][16][17]

In 2011, Pink Gorilla held a fundraiser for the Japanese earthquake relief efforts and donated $1000 to the cause.[15]


Pink Gorilla operates three retail locations.[18] The primary and original Pink Gorilla retailer is located in the Chinatown-International District of Seattle, Washington. It is located near to Uwajimaya. The company opened its second branch in the University of Washington University District on 2009 October 13.[4][19] In January 2012, the company opened a third branch known as Pink Gorilla West in West Seattle.[20]

The University District location includes an arcade with games including Dance Dance Revolution, pinball, and classic titles such as Joust.[21]

Video game players are known to drive from nearby regions, including Canada and Oregon, to visit the store.[22]


Pink Gorilla primarily sells and rents video games. Offerings include classic games for the Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer, as well as imported games from Japan. The store claims that 80% of its products are unique,[22] and it is known to offer some rare titles that are difficult to find elsewhere.[10][22] The retailer also offers current releases from both the United States and Japan. In 2005, games cost between US$10 and $50.[22] As of 2005, rentals cost $2 per day per game or $6 per week per game.[22]

The store offers a number of other non-game gaming products, including magazines, strategy guides, and accessories.[23] It also offers trading cards.

The store also offers merchandise such as toys and Pink Gorilla-branded t-shirts.[22] As a sales promotion, the store gives customers who walk in wearing store-branded t-shirts a discount on purchases.[22][24]


As of 2005, Pink Gorilla is owned by Nathan Paine and his partner, Greg Hess.[22] The two both know Japanese, which they say helps them negotiate with Japanese game sellers.[22] Paine noted, "[The] Japanese are more happy to have business with Japanese speakers, but not the outsiders who don't speak the language."[22]

Staff for Pink Gorilla are known as "The Elders."[4] In December 2009, three Pink Gorilla bloggers were featured as guest writers for the Hardcore Gamer online magazine.[25]


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